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A Level Economics Year 2 Macroeconomics Study Notes

A Level
AQA, Edexcel, OCR, IB

Last updated 7 May 2019

Here is a topic-by-topic listing of the available study notes for the macroeconomics topics for Year 2 A Level Economics here on tutor2u.



Developing Countries – Similarities and Differences

Development Economics Update (2019) - Poverty Reduction in Low Income Countries

Development and Growth Constraints - Corruption and Conflict

Development and Growth Constraints - External Shocks

Development and Growth Constraints - Gender Inequalities

Development and Growth Constraints - Infrastructure

Development and Growth Constraints - Malnutrition

Development and Growth Constraints - Primary Product Dependency

Development and Growth Constraints - Savings Gaps

Development and Growth Constraints - Trade Deficits

Development Strategies and Policies

Economic and Social Benefits from Trade

Economic Cycle

Economic Development

Economic Growth - Advanced Nations

Economic Growth - Advantages of Growth

Economic Growth - An Introduction

Economic Growth - Capital Investment and Growth in China

Economic Growth - Disadvantages

Economic Growth - Endogenous Growth Theory

Economic Growth - Harrod-Domar Model

Economic Growth - Human Capital

Economic Growth - Innovation

Economic Growth - Neo-Classical Growth – The Solow Model

Economic Growth - Rising Inequality and Rapid Growth

Economic Growth - Social Capital

Economic Growth in the UK - Government Policies

Economic History - UK Leaves the Exchange Rate Mechanism

Economic History: UK Joins the Exchange Rate Mechanism

Economic Systems

Economics of the European Union

Ethiopia - Growth and Development

Estonia - Growth and Development

Euro - Countries that have recently joined the Euro

European Monetary Union

European Single Market

European Union Enlargement

Exchange Rates - An Introduction

Exchange Rates - Competitive Devaluations

Exchange Rates - Currency Systems

Exchange Rates - Factors Affecting Currency Values

Exchange Rates - Fixed Currency Systems

Exchange Rates - Floating Currencies

Exchange Rates - Macroeconomic Effects of Currency Fluctuations

Exchange Rates - Managed Floating Currencies

Exchange Rates - Marshall Lerner Condition

Exchange Rates - Reasons for a Currency Depreciation

Fiscal Policy - Bond Yields

Fiscal Policy - Causes of a Budget Deficit

Fiscal Policy - Crowding Out

Fiscal Policy - Direct and Indirect Taxes

Fiscal Policy - Government Borrowing

Fiscal Policy - Growth and Development

Fiscal Policy - Impact on Aggregate Supply and Economic Growth

Fiscal Policy - Managing Aggregate Demand and Inflation

Fiscal Policy - Stamp Duty

Fiscal Policy and the Distribution of Income and Wealth


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