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Here is an answer to the question: "Assess the view that the UK Government should use fiscal policy to provide a guaranteed minimum income as a strategy to reduce inequality."

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Universal Basic Income - Student Essay

In many developing countries, a sizeable number of producers especially in farming and energy received subsidies or some other form of government financial support such as a guaranteed minimum price.

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Development Policies - Removing Government Subsidies

Closing the infrastructure gap is now crucial in nearly all countries but especially developing/emerging countries who want to make progress towards meeting the SDGs, bring down extreme poverty, improve...

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Development and Growth Constraints - Infrastructure

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AQA A Level Economics Revision Flashcards - Markets and Market Failure

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A managed-floating currency when the central bank may choose to intervene in the foreign exchange markets to affect the value of a currency to meet specific macroeconomic objectives.

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Exchange Rates - Managed Floating Exchange Rates

One of the realities of the global trading system is that average import tariffs are higher when imposed by developing countries than those implemented by advanced, high-income nations. To what...

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Protectionism as a development strategy

Shocks are unexpected changes in the economy that can affect variables such as the rate of inflation and the growth rate of GDP. In an inter-connected global economy, events in...

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Development and Growth Constraints - External Shocks

This video looks at recent price volatility in the market for avocados. Having surged to record highs in 2017, wholesale prices for many grades of avocado are now falling quickly. It...

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Price Volatility in the Avocado Market (Theme 1 Micro)

A production possibility frontier (PPF) illustrates the combinations of output of two products that a country can supply using all of their available factor inputs in an efficient way. One...

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PPF Outward Shift - Theme 1 Micro

For most countries, the production possibility frontier (PPF) will shift outwards over time reflecting an increase in potential output of goods and services. But for others, there are risks that...

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PPF Inward Shift - Theme 1 Micro

Here is a suggested answer to this question: "To what extent do consumers always benefit from businesses experiencing economies of scale?

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Economies of Scale and Consumer Welfare

Here is a suggested answer to this question: "Analyse and evaluate the causes of and significance of economies of scale for the profitability of businesses such as Netflix, Amazon and...

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Economies of Scale and Profits

EasyJet Plc is the eighth largest airline in the world and the second biggest in Europe, behind Ryanair (measured by passengers flown). In 2017, EasyJet Plc flew 80.2 million passengers on flights...

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EasyJet - Factors Affecting Costs Revenues and Profits

Royal Mail PLC was part-privatised in 2013 and fully-privatised in 2016. It generates just under £10 billion of revenue annually (up 2% year-on-year) and it made an operating profit of £694m (1% higher than a...

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Royal Mail - Factors Affecting Costs, Revenues and Profits

In this revision video we will be exploring some of the arguments about whether rising property prices are (on balance) positive or negative for the health of the UK economy....

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Rising House Prices
Study notes


Financialisation is a process where the financial sector grows both in scale and complexity, becoming more important as a share of national output. Financialisation means lending and investing in financial...

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Here is a recording of our April 2018 revision webinar evaluating the use of quantitative easing in the UK economy. QE now totals £445 billion of assets, £435 billion of which are government...

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Quantitative Easing (Evaluating QE in the UK Economy)

Revenue is the income a firm generates from selling goods and services. In some cases shown below, businesses have been able to scale quickly and achieve rapid growth in their...

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Focus on Business Revenues

Here is an overview of some key results statistics for A Level Economics in 2018.

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A Level Economics Exam Statistics for 2018

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