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Here's an updated version of our ever-popular 'Government Game' simulator. This time, we've created a spreadsheet version so that teachers can run their game with large numbers of students or...

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The Government Game - Economic Simulation Activity

This is the second in our new series on Fiscal Policy. In it we look at canons of taxation, the tax base, direct and indirect taxes and consider the difference...

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Fiscal Policy: Taxation - The Basics

In this 3rd video in the new series on fiscal policy we look at government borrowing and how a government goes about financing a fiscal deficit. The video explores the...

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Fiscal Policy: The Budget Deficit

In this video we look at the national debt for the UK and make a clear distinction between the national debt and the budget deficit.

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Fiscal Policy: The National Debt

In the latest of our series of videos on the coronavirus crisis, we look at how businesses have been impacted and also how they have responded. We also summarise some...

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Coronavirus Crisis: Business Impact and Business Response

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AQA A-Level Economics Study Companion - Macroeconomics

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In this online lesson students develop their knowledge of indirect taxes with key application and evaluation skills. We also cover the incidence of taxes.

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Indirect Taxes Evaluation (Online Lesson)

In this session we will cover some of the relevant behavioural biases and link them to attempts being made across the global to reduce the spread of infection and mitigate...

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Coronavirus and Behavioural Economics

This is a video of an online lesson on some of the externalities of pandemics. You can download the supporting presentation using the link below.

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Externalities of Pandemics

Here is a selection of key concepts linked to demand-side policies. Check and test your understanding using this Quizlet revision activity.

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Demand-side Macro Policies (Quizlet Activities)

Here are ten concepts linked to the economics of investment - test yourself with this Quizlet activity.

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Investment (Quizlet Activity)

Here are twelve concepts linked to household spending and saving. Check and test your understanding with this Quizlet activity.

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Consumer spending and saving (Quizlet Activity)

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