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Some exam questions now require you to answer using examples from “an industry of your choice.”

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How to do some industry research to get top grades in your micro exams

Recently, we asked hundreds of experience Economics teachers and examiners to reflect on what A and A* students do that makes their answers stand out and score so highly.

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How to Get a Top Grade in A Level Economics - 12 Top Teacher Tips for Success

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Student videos

Savings-Investment Gaps

In this short video we look at some evidence on savings-investment gaps in a number of developing/emerging countries and how the savings-investment gap might be overcome.

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Savings-Investment Gaps

Savings are often needed to help provide finance for capital investment which itself is a key component both of aggregate demand and long-run aggregate supply.

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Development and Growth Constraints - Savings Gaps

This short revision video looks at the difference between horizontal and vertical collusion drawing on some recent examples.

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Horizontal and Vertical Collusion

This video offers some advice on scoring high marks for analysis when using economics theory diagrams.

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Ace Your Diagrams for Top Marks in A-Level Economics Exams

A 2019 examiner report said that many students could not distinguish clearly between income inequality and wealth inequality. This video considers this difference drawing on UK data.

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Income Inequality and Wealth Inequality

In 2018, the UK government introduced a tax on high-sugar drinks and some campaigners are lobbying for this indirect tax to be extended to other foods including snacks and cereals that...

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Sugar (Soda) Taxes (Government Intervention)

In this country profile video we look at Morocco, a middle-income emerging country which in 2018 was ranked the 5th largest economy in Africa.

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Growth and Development Profile: Morocco

Here is an example answer to a 15-mark question for Edexcel A-Level Economics on methods of government intervention to protect consumers within the utilities markets.

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Government Intervention to Protect Consumers in Utilities Markets (Worked Answer to Edexcel Q6 (e), Paper 1 2019)

This video provides advice on structuring high-scoring answers for data response questions and essays in Edexcel A-Level Economics Paper 1.

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How to Structure Great Data Response Answers and Essays in Edexcel A-Level Economics Paper 1

Price elasticity of supply is a measure of the sensitivity of (quantity) supplied of a good or service to a change in the price of that good or service.

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Elasticity of Supply of Different Products

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