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We've tried to answer as many common CPD questions here as we can. If you have any other questions, feel free to email and we'll do our best to answer them!

Face-to-face courses

The typical attendance is between 15-40 delegates, depending on the room capacity. We never exceed the hotel-recommended capacity for each room, so there will be plenty of space.

No, you can only attend one course each day.

Each course is normally led by two or three presenters, all of whom are experienced CPD leaders and subject experts.

No – we use a cabaret seating layout for each course which we find works best to support the blend of table work, group discussion and presentation.

No – we’re sorry but recording of the course is not allowed, nor are the live sessions recorded.

In addition to resources provided on the day, every attendee is provided with a link to the relevant course “Event Hub” which contains additional digital resources relevant to the course.

Of course! Our presenters welcome and respond to any questions that come up during each session. They are also available before, during and after the formal course sessions.

There is no parking available at our main locations, The Clermont Hotel in Central London. We recommend, where possible, travelling to the course using public transport.

No – our courses are not ticketed. Just notify the course presenters of your arrival in the course room – they have full attendee details.

There will be a welcome board in the hotel reception which will list the names of the rooms being used by each tutor2u course. At The Clermont Hotel, our conference rooms are on the first floor.

Registration in the course room is available from 9.30 am, although it is not a problem if you arrive early – you are more than welcome to join us in the room!

Our courses normally start at 10.20am and usually end just after 3.00pm.

Our courses typically have three main sessions: two in the morning (including a break) and one in the afternoon. However, the timetable is flexible to meet the requirements of attendees.

No problem – join us when you can!

Of course! It’s your day. Attendees are free to spend their day with us as they wish.

Yes. There are refreshments available throughout the day. Pastries and other snacks are available on arrival, during the morning break and after the course ends. A buffet lunch is also provided.

No - Bookings for our CPD events are made on a confirmed booking basis only. So please make sure that you have checked the course title and event, and that you've chosen the correct date and venue!

No refunds will be made in the event of non-attendance or cancelled bookings once made. If you have an issue with your booking please email

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