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Revision Guides for Edexcel A-Level Politics

Online Courses for Politics Students

Revision Flashcards for Edexcel A-Level Politics

Use these revision flashcards to support your preparation for mocks, other assessments and the final Edexcel A-Level Politics exams.

Latest Free Support

Prime Ministers and Elections

Bumper Revision Quizzes for Edexcel A Level Politics

Political Ideas - Complete Study Notes

Digital Topic Companions for Edexcel A Level Politics

These digital topic companions are the ideal replacement for expensive and quickly out-of-date printed textbooks! A cost-effective school network licence almost makes them the most affordable way to support your Edexcel A Level Politics students. 

Edexcel: Teacher Resource Packs for Core Ideologies (Component 1)

Available for immediate download - these teacher resource packs provide comprehensive teaching & learning materials for the three core ideologies in Edexcel Component 1 - Conservatism, Liberalism and Socialism.

A Level Politics Classroom Posters

Here's our growing collection of our classroom posters for A-Level Politics.

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