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Here's this week's economics news quiz. Good luck!

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Economics News Quiz - 10 July 2020

Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of England, is passionate about the importance of Climate Change for the global economy. Reports this morning from the World Meteorological Organisation say...

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Should climate change be put at the heart of economic theory? [Year 12 and Year 13 Enrichment Task]

Excellent long read in the Guardian about the impact of the pandemic on the gender pay gap.

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How coronavirus is widening the UK gender pay gap

The FT looks at the future for transport, noting the rise of electric vehicles, as governments look to reduce emissions - with transport responsible for 15% of global emissions.

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How far will electric transport take us?

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Professor Robert Skidelsky is running a series of tweets capturing the essence of Keynesian economic thinking. We'll curate his tweets in this blog entry - there is a lively debate...

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Keynes for the Beginner

This Guardian article looks at a classic common access resource problem: over-fishing. In this case, it's the North Atlantic waters off the New England coast that no longer teem with...

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Can New England's cod fishing industry survive?

61% of UK public support wealth tax for individuals with assets worth more than £750,000, (excluding pensions and value of main home) according to a survey from YouGov.

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Should the UK introduce a new wealth tax?

The Marshall Society, the economics society of the University of Cambridge, is excited to launch their 2020 essay competition.

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Marshall Society (Cambridge) launch their 2020 essay competition

What shall we print for dinner? This Reuters clip looks at the growth of the alternative meat market - notably in Israel.

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World's first 3D printed plant-based steak

Here's this week's economics news quiz. Good luck!

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Economics News Quiz - 3 July 2020

A silver lining of the Covid crisis has been a surge in innovation. Enterprising firms have invented both new products and different ways of delivering existing ones.

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Surge in innovation is silver living from Covid crisis

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