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Professor Danny Blanchflower explains why an increase in the policy interest rates set by central banks matters.

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What happens when interest rates rise?

Danny Blanchflower has encouraged us to think more deeply about underemployment as the official jobless rate has declined in recent years. In this short video he explains his own interpretation...

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What is happening to UK unemployment?

This Newsnight clip calls into question the government's commitment to cutting carbon emissions.

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How serious is the UK about tackling climate change?

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Here's this week's economics news quiz. Good luck!

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Economics Weekly Quiz 24 January 2020

This opinion piece for the Guardian highlights the damage that corruption, and poor governance can do to a country's development prospects, and the standard of living enjoyed by its citizens.

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The theft of national wealth from Angola

The Fender Stratocaster - iconic - and until recently not available at a discount online. That's because, as the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) discovered, Fender had set a minimum...

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Fender fined £4.5m for preventing online discounts

To what extent do consumers drive climate change? This BBC piece citing Coca-Cola's head of sustainability makes it fairly clear that this is the case.

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Sustainability: People still want plastic bottles, says Coca-Cola

Just a really interesting article - full of applied microeconomics- which considers whether Flybe is a viable business or is swimming against the tide?

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Does FlyBe have a future as a viable business?

This is a topical debate in the UK following ion from the 6 per cent hike in the legal pay floor due to take effect this spring.

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Does a higher minimum wage necessarily cost jobs?

This FT article glows about the commitment to social impact by a leading poster child for entrepreneurship in the North East - Greggs

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Responsible capitalism: Greggs has been doing it for decades

Happy New Year! Here's the decade's first economics news quiz. Good luck!

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Economics Weekly Quiz w/e 10 January 2020

One for the file marked Law of Unintended Consequences: this BBC article highlights that banning all forms of plastic packaging could see firms opting for higher carbon alternatives.

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Unintended consequences: Does a plastic ban harm the environment?

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