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Ideal for remote learning, here's an updated version of our ever-popular 'Government Game' Economic policy simulator.

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Teaching Activity: The Government Game (Economic Policy Simulation)

Here's a simple teaching activity on market failure that is ideal for setting as a task for students who are learning remotely.

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Teaching Activity: Spot the Market Failure

This is a really well explained and important video looking at how the Financial Times is tracking the coronavirus spread by country and sub-region / city.

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Explaining the FT's Coronavirus trajectory tracker

My article of the day is the latest Monday briefing from Ian Stewart and his team at Deloitte.

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Coronavirus: Fighting the Downturn

My article of the day comes from Tim Harford, the Undercover Economist, columnist for the FT and presenter of More or Less on Radio 4.

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Why this crisis is a test of our capacity to adapt

In this special blog, Gavin Simpson writes about the wonderful Economics in Ten podcast series. Well worth a read!

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‘Economics in Ten’ Podcasts and distance learning for Economics students

The current crisis dominates everything. But, within a relatively short space of time, it will pass. What next? What will be the “new normal”?

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After Corona - What might be the new normal?

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This blog curates a series of Kahoot Quizzes on key topics.

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Kahoot Quizzes for Economics

My article of the day comes from the BBC and looks at the risks of long-term damage to the world economy as a consequence of the crisis.

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Will the world economy suffer hysteresis?

Until it becomes clearer how teachers will be asked to provide grades for the current Year 13s, here's an activity for those of you trying to keep your students engaged...

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Year 13 Work - Information Bias

In case you need something for Year 12 to do at home this week, here's a quick resource that gives them an opportunity to apply their economic thinking to managing a...

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Year 12 Practical Economic Thinking task - Football Club Chairperson

My article of the day comes from Anthony Painter at the RSA who has long been a supporter of some form of universal basic income.

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Building a more resilient future

My article of the day recommends to you a superb podcast from the BBC's Real Story which brings together a number of economists including Linda Yueh, Stephanie Flanders (head of...

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Coronavirus: The economic crisis

My article of the day on the economic crisis is about the drive to bring manufacturers together to ramp up the supply of much-needed ventilators for use by the NHS...

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Manufacturing consortia respond to ventilator shortages

Here's this week's economics news quiz. Good luck!

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Economics Weekly Quiz 20 March 2020

The cinema industry is facing unprecedented pressure as venues close, revenues collapse and an industry heavily burdened by debt faces a deeply uncertain future.

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Lights dimmed in cinemas - a temporary or structural challenge?

This article flags up the issue of price elasticity of supply in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak: the governments clarion call for businesses to shift to the manufacture of...

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Coronavirus: Elasticity of supply of ventilators

This article would make a good extension exercise - can you draw what has happened to the cost and revenue curves of a lower league football club?

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Coronavirus: Football clubs face financial stress

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