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Every quantitative skill required by A-Level Economics students is covered in a new, free online course from tutor2u Economics.

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Mastering A-Level Economics: Quantitative Skills (Free Online Course)

Lovely example here of markets in action, in the rental property market, as result of falling demand.

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Rents collapse as tenants leave towns and cities

Here's our latest weekly quiz on news stories from the UK's economy. Don't forget, the quiz has a 'Classroom mode' for any teacher wishing to run the activity on a...

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Economics Weekly Quiz - 18 September 2020

Here's a handy glossary of all the key terms in Theme 2 (The UK Economy, Performance and Policies) for Edexcel A-Level Economics.

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Edexcel A-Level Economics Key Term Glossary for Theme 2

Here's a handy glossary of all the key terms in Theme 1 (Introduction to Markets and Market Failure) for Edexcel A-Level Economics.

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Edexcel A-Level Economics Key Term Glossary for Theme 1

A long read here from the Guardian about salmon farming. It looks at how a way of offering sustainable fish stocks has a hidden environmental cost.

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Social Costs: The high price of salmon farming

An excellent clip that looks at plastic waste, and potential solutions to the problem, extrapolating from the experience of a programme developed in Haiti, focusing on the reality of creating...

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Circular economy: Women fighting the surge in plastic waste

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It's back! Our weekly economics quiz is here! Economics students should be keeping a careful eye on the real world news stories that back up the theory taught in class...

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Economics Weekly Quiz - 11 September 2020

Business Economics gold dust! Ethics, production methods, market share, economies of scale, corporate social responsibility.

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How Ben & Jerry’s Makes Nearly One Million Pints of Ice Cream A Day

The surge in demand for supermarket home delivery services raises interesting examples of price and non-price competition.

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Price and non-price competition in supermarket deliveries

With quantitative and numerical skills so crucial in A-Level Economics, it's a good idea to get an early view on what the numerical strengths and weaknesses of our students are.

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Initial Numeracy Assessments for A Level Economics

Business Insider looks at argan oil which is used in beauty products around the world.

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Why is argan oil so expensive?

Economics is a gift: I genuinely mean that. There are just so many interesting stories out there, including this one, that looks at an unforeseen consequence of the pandemic.

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How TV advertising's woes have given small firms a bite at the cherry

There are some things in life than transcend all economic considerations, and the Bank of Jamaica have done it again, with their latest video

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Bank of Jamaica Inflation-Targeting Dubplate for 2020

This fascinating article looks at the ride-sharing market and argues that both Uber and Lyft are destined to fail.

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Is Uber's business model doomed?

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