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Ben Chu reports for Newsnight on the risks of a global economic recession with a follow up discussion with Professor Joseph Stiglitz.

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Are we heading for a global recession?

Two new student workbooks have just been published that provide unrivalled support for teachers and students preparing for the challenges of the synoptic questions in AQA / Edexcel Paper 3 in 2020.

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New for 2020: Synoptic Workbooks for AQA & Edexcel A-Level Economics

To support students in the development of their exam technique we have produced free suggested answers to the AQA and Edexcel (A) A-Level Economics papers from 2019.

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Suggested Answers for the 2019 A-Level Economics Papers (AQA & Edexcel)

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AQA A Level Economics Diagram Practice Book

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Here are some data charts analysing some key features of the A-Level Economics results for 2019.

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A-Level Economics Results for 2019

National Grid is getting a kicking in the aftermath of last Friday’s electricity blackout. Potential explanations swirl around both social and mainstream media. The system cannot cope with too...

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Robust but fragile - understanding network effects in power systems and beyond

Uber is a rapid-growth platform business operating mainly in the ride-share and food delivery markets. But don't confuse fast growth with profits! Their latest quarterly losses are huge!

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Business economics: Can Uber ever be profitable?

Here is a 50-mark assessment resource that enables teachers to test student numerical skills at the end of their first year of A Level Economics. A full mark scheme is...

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Year 12 Numerical Assessment for A-Level Economics Students

Synoptic revision mats are a digital resource designed to help Year 13 A-Level Economics students to develop their skills and confidence with linking micro and macro concepts to a given case...

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A Great Resource to Help Economics Students Develop Their Synoptic Skills

Here's a fantastic resource for Edexcel A-Level Economics containing practice data response questions covering every Theme!

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Edexcel A Level Economics (A) Intensive Data Response Question Pack

Uber is laying off one third off their global marketing team as the business looks to cut their overhead costs and stem mounting losses.

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Evidence of diseconomies of scale at Uber

Here's a free digital resource which is ideal for use with new Year 12 Economics students as they begin their studies in September.

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Initial Numeracy Assessments for A Level Economics

Here is a really clear and hugely relevant short video featuring IMF Chief Economist Gita Gopinath who explains why - because many traded goods and services are priced in US...

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Exchange Rates and Trade with Gita Gopinath

Thinking ahead to the new academic year, a great way to build your teaching professional network is to be part of one or more of the tutor2u-supported Economics Teacher...

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Join an Economics Teacher Virtual Staffroom and Build Your Economics Professional Network

Here is a new report from Deloitte on Government Trends in 2020 which focuses on and examines the use of behavioural nudges to influence choices and social outcomes. Are next generation...

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Using Choice Architecture for Good

The Marshall Society, the economics society of the University of Cambridge, is excited to launch its 2019 essay competition. The deadline for essay submissions is 11:59pm 11th August 2019.

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Marshall Society Economics Essay Competition 2019

Professor John Van Reenen - formerly at the LSE but now based at MIT in Boston - discusses research work he has done on how 'superstar firms' such as Google,...

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The Rise of Superstar Firms

Hyman Minsky was an American economist who lived from 1919 to 1996, living through the Great Depression which undoubtedly moulded his heterodox post-Keynesian economics.

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Hyman Minsky - The Financial Instability Hypothesis

Immediate fears of a recession in the UK economy were eased last week with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) latest estimate of monthly GDP. The economy had shrunk in...

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Using AI to track sentiment and measure recession risk

How many teaching colleagues have the same experience nearly every year when the majority of students hand in costly textbooks with barely a sign that they have been read?

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Pearson to phase out printed textbooks

Danny Dorey-Rodriguez has written this superb reflection on the work of Professor Cesar Hidalgo from MIT who has contributed greatly to our understanding of how crystallised information and networks can...

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Cesar Hidalgo - Why Information Grows and the importance of Economic Complexity


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