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This article from the BBC on the provision of public toilets struck me as an interesting talking point for students of economics (okay, you may not agree!).

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What is the most convenient way to provide the public loo?

A number of new books make it into my personal selection of enrichment and extension reading for A Level Economists.

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Recommended Reading for A Level Economists

The BBC's History Extra Channel has published a listing of one hundred women cited for their notable contributions to the worlds of science, politics and much else besides. Linda Yueh...

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Women who changed the world in business and economics

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The Wall Street Journal explores some of the possible effects of the tariffs on cars coming into the US and argues that lessons from the oil shocks of the 1970s...

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How tariffs could shake-up the US car industry

A timely and pertinent discussion on the future for the water industry. Faiza Shaheen and Robert Colvile discuss on BBC Newsnight whether water companies should remain privatised or become nationalised...

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Should We Nationalise the Water Industry?

A new and important report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation finds that people in low-income neighbourhoods are willing to travel to work but find commuting options constrained by unaffordable or...

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Transport Gaps and Barriers to Finding Work

A recent (BBC) Panorama programme focused on the chasm in years of healthy life expectancy within regions of the UK. It makes for difficult viewing but raises really important issues...

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Poverty’s Impact on Well-being

Here is the first of a series of four new economics podcasts from the BBC. Economics with Subtitles is your everyday guide to economics and why you should care. Click...

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Economics with Subtitles - How Buying Cocaine Helps the Government

In the company of Paul Krugman, Stephen Colbert asks some searching macroeconomic questions!

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Learning Macroeconomics On A Roller Coaster

The issue of the amount of tax that Amazon pays is a vexed one. Profits have risen in the UK, but Amazon UK are paying less tax to the Treasury...

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Amazon tax avoidance debate surfaces yet again

Economics teachers in the UK are invited to apply to join the Teacher Judging Panel for the RES Economics Essay Competition 2018. Judging will take place on Monday 3rd of September...

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Join the Teacher Judging Panel for the RES Economics Essay Competition 2018

Here's a bit of fun to celebrate Yorkshire Day on the 1st of August. Today is the day that the nation celebrates all things wonderful about the county of Yorkshire.

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Yorkshire Day - the economy of the County of Yorkshire

Travelling along highway BR-163, this is a remarkable story of powerful agro-food multinationals, the battle against illegal deforestation and mining, communities attempting to build resilience and the challenge of overcoming...

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Long Read: Travelling along Highway BR-163

In this piece for the Harvard Business Review, Linda Yueh argues that "the greatest economists in history would be wary of imposing import taxes to address a trade imbalance."

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Trade Wars: 250 Years of Economic Theory About Tariffs

A new paper from Princeton economist Jan De Loecker finds that the mark ups (profit margins) of the world's largest global companies has been increasing raising fresh concerns about the...

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Long Read: Do companies have too much monopoly power?

Many students are taught and/or implicitly assume that deregulation is a supply-side policy designed to unleash innovation, drive market entry and stimulate growth. In this piece for Project Syndicate,...

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Economic Benefits from Regulation

The provenance of products is increasingly important for consumers - consider for example growing demand for fish caught from sustainable sources. But what about the origin of the charcoal in...

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Are disposable BBQs fuelling deforestation?

Take a moment to consider what the term 'working homeless" means in the context of Britain in 2018. These are people with a job, often full-time but on well below median...

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Growing number of working homeless

Here is an interviewwith the Nobel Prize winner Al Roth from Stanford who discusses the importance of market design and some of the ethical issues surrounding "repugnant markets."

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Long Read: Al Roth on Market Design

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