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Continuing our World Cup theme, here's a Powerpoint activity that we've used before but have updated and altered slightly.  The World Cup Debate activity is a fun resource that is...

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World Cup Debate activity - analytical/evaluative classroom activity

World Cup fever has truly arrived.  For those of us supporting England, well, hope is alive for a few more hours at least.

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World Cup Happiness! Try our World Happiness Index activity

Here's this week's economics news quiz.  Good luck!

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Economics Weekly Quiz - 15 June 2018

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Does employment law need to change to reflect the uber-flexible world of 21st century working? Or are we instead moving back towards a 19th century model of people without sufficient...

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Plumber wins 'gig economy' case

Here are some great Quizlet activities for rapid fire testing of your knowledge of key macro concepts and data! Fantastic for adding variety into your revision!

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Know Your Stuff! Paper 2 Macro Quizlets!

Here's this week's economics news quiz.  Good luck!

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Economics Weekly Quiz - 8 June 2018

If you use the Edexcel exam board you will probably have seen the classic question on this year's Paper 1 about consumer interest and market share (relating to mobile phones). On...

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Barcelona introduces greater regulation on Airbnb

Rules of origin represent an important non-tariff barrier to trade. Will UK car manufacturers and their supply-chain businesses be hit hard by a free trade deal that fails to cover...

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'Rules of origin' fears for car industry

Which of the 964 occupations listed in the widely used Occupational Information Network online database is the least susceptible for replacement by artificial intelligence-driven technology?   The unsurprising answer is that of ...

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Massage therapy is the occupation of choice to avoid the march of robots

According to a new report out by Afrasia Bank, the UK had a net loss of approximately 1000 high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) during 2017.  A HNWI is often classified as an individual with...

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UK loses high-net-worth individuals in 2017 - a warning sign for the economy?

This is classic Guardian: but it might be a significant issue, nonetheless. The so-called 'carbon bubble' reflects a view that lots of companies whose value rests on their current share...

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Will the bursting of the carbon bubble cause a financial crisis?

Here are some important labour market issues that you might want to cover as part of your revision.

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Prepping up the Labour Market for your exams

Here is our selection of all the revision resources you need to cover for the behavioural economics aspects of A Level Economics.

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Topic Revision: Behavioural Economics

Here is a comprehensive collection of our study notes, revision videos and other resources for A Level Economics students revising financial economics.

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Topic Revision: Financial Economics

Here is a comprehensive collection of our study notes, revision videos and other resources for A Level Economics students revising labour markets.

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Topic Revision: Labour Market Economics

Here are some key support resources & links to help students prepare for the three papers.

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Getting Ready for A Level Economics June 2018

Development is multi-faceted: in this World Bank clip looks at a finance scheme that has sought to give poor urban families access to money to permit families to buy homes...

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Economic Development in Focus - Low Income Housing & Sanitation

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) are investigating the cost of UK funerals for price fixing. They are dead against it. Another example of profit maximising firms acting in a...

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CMA to investigate funeral price fixing

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