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There is a fantastic piece for Economics students by Martin Wolf in today's FT - if you haven't already registered for FT for Schools, it is worth doing so now ...

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Globalisation and the spread of knowledge

The hostility towards the virtual monopolies enjoyed by tech giants such as Google and Facebook reveals some strange bedfellows.

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Innovation can challenge the digital monopolies

Automation is coming, and this BBC video and supporting article investigates the extent to which they can even be applied to agriculture. In this case, an asparagus-picking robot has been...

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Watch out! Robo-Farmers are Coming!

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Vince Cable argues here that the tech giants need to be broken up, arguing that their size is a threat to welfare. He argues that these companies represent new forms...

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Should the monopoly power of the tech titans be broken up?

A brief FT clip here looking at the proposal to ban plastic straws, drink stirrers and cotton buds, as part of a wider commitment to outlawing avoidable plastic waste by 2042....

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UK proposes plastic straw ban

Here's this week's economics news quiz.  Good luck!

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Economics Weekly Quiz - 20 April 2018

How many people are still reliant on traditional methods of cooking? 3 billion. Yes. Half of the world's population. And one of the simplest ways of improving cooking efficiency and reducing...

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Three billion people remain reliant on traditional stoves

Many thanks to my student Ollie for spotting the news that the UK has just managed 55 hours without using coal for power generation, for the first time ever. Bloomberg reported...

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UK power generation shifting away from coal
19th April 2018

Angus Deaton Profile

Here is a new profile of the economic historian and Nobel winner Angus Deaton. Well worth reading to capture the essence of what such a rich academic career can involve.

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Angus Deaton Profile

Esther Duflo is interviewed here for the IMF Finance and Development magazine and argues that all economic and social dimensions of poverty must be considered when implementing policies designed to...

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Esther Duflo: Poverty Not Only Lack of Money

Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, hit the headlines at the weekend, claiming that Marxism could once again become a prominent political force in the West.

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Marx as an Economist - a Curate's Egg!

Listening to Radio 4's 'Yesterday in Parliament' this morning, I heard a 4-minute report about a debate around what can be done to cure the issue of fly tipping in...

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Evaluating government intervention

A sensational short video from Business Insider which visits a BMW plant in the USA that makes 1,400 vehicles a day. Over 500 robots and 450 employees work together to produce one SUV....

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Inside an ultra-efficient BMW factory

The new book from Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes is a terrific short read and one that I highly recommend for sixth form economists interested in the growing debate over inequality...

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Should the Super-Rich Pay for a Universal Basic Income?

A short FT video here on how decarbonisation will affect demand for and prices of oil, cobalt, nickel and copper among others. The growth of e-vehicles will lead to a...

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Derived demand - how decarbonisation affects demand for resources

Here we go! The last few crucial weeks as we all prepare for the three A Level Economics papers in June. Here's a quick reminder of some resources and other...

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Get Ready to Smash the A Level Economics Exams this Term

Dharshini David, author of "The Almighty Dollar" discusses why the Euro has yet to become a dominant currency. The Euro is of course a long away from being an optimal...

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Has The Euro Failed As A Currency?

The FT has this super video interviewing people on both sides of the rail nationalisation/ privatisation debate. A great resource to use as background to teaching the economics of private...

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Why did we sell off the railways?

Having experienced a turbulent few years with profits falling and the fallout from an accounting scandal, there are signs that Tesco plc is returning to financial health with with a 28...

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Tesco Turnaround Gathers Momentum

This great pieceexplains why employers have monopsony power over employees and how the institutional features of many US labour markets have emerged to support this position.

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How monopsony employers keep wages down

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