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Must-Watch Revision Videos before Sitting A Level Economics Paper 2

Geoff Riley

11th June 2017

Here is our suggested playlist of essential macro revision videos as you complete your preparations for Paper 2 in A Level Economics.

State of the UK Economy (2017): This video updates student knowledge and awareness of some of the key macroeconomic data for the UK and a range of other countries to help them bring critical contextual awareness into their exam essays.
6 Minute Update - Key Stats for your A Level Economics Exams in June 2017!: Take the latest key stats into the A Level Economics exam with you and impress the examiners with your topical knowledge. This short video brings you up to speed!
Monetary Policy in the UK: This is a recording of a revision webinar (May 2017) on monetary policy in the UK economy as we reach 20 years of Bank of England Independence. There has been nearly a decade of ultra low policy interest rates and quantitative easing in the UK now exceeds £450 billion (or 20% of the annual level of GDP). Are low interest rates helping to sustain the recovery or creating deeper problems from side effects such as rising house prices and collapse in real returns for savers?
Inflation and Unemployment: Here is a recording of a revision webinar covering aspects of inflation and unemployment.
Keynesian Economics: ​Here is a recording on key aspects of Keynesian economics applied to current policy issues for the UK and other countries.
European Monetary Union: Here is a video recording of an A-level economics revision webinar on aspects of European Monetary Union.
Shifts in Aggregate Demand: This revision video looks at some of the main causes of shifts in aggregate demand and the effect of this on equilibrium real GDP using AD-AS diagrams.
Shifts in Aggregate Supply: This short revision video looks at the main causes of shifts in short run aggregate supply and the effect on national output and the price level.
Balance of Payments Accounts: This Year 2 Macroeconomics topic video looks at the make up of the balance of payments and in particular the difference between the current account and the financial account.
Effects of a Currency Depreciation: This video looks at some of the macroeconomic effects of a currency depreciation including the impact on the trade balance, economic growth and inflation. It includes an explanation of the J Curve and the Marshall Lerner Condition.
Fixed and floating exchange rates: ​This is a video recording of a revision webinar looking at the economics of floating, managed floating and fixed exchange rates. ​​
The Multiplier: This topic video looks at the national income multiplier and the factors that affect the size of the multiplier.
Supply-side policies: This is a topic video looking at different examples of supply side policies and also the main aims of supply-side economic reforms.
Benefits and costs of economic growth: This topic video assesses some of the benefits and costs of real economic growth.

Geoff Riley

Geoff Riley FRSA has been teaching Economics for over thirty years. He has over twenty years experience as Head of Economics at leading schools. He writes extensively and is a contributor and presenter on CPD conferences in the UK and overseas.

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