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Study Notes

A Level Economics Development Economics Study Notes

AQA, Edexcel, OCR, IB

Last updated 21 Mar 2021

Here is a complete listing of the new study notes that we've created to support A Level & IB Economics students who cover Development Economics in their studies.

Applying Game Theory in economics essays

Arguments against Protectionism

Articles on the Chinese Economy


Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)

Background on the Polish Economy

Balance of Payments

Balance of Payments - Current Account

Benefits and Costs of Globalisation

Botswana - Growth and Development

Brazil - Economic Growth and Development

Cap and Trade Systems

China - Economic Growth and Development

Cocoa Market

Coffee Market


Competitiveness and Economic Policies

Countries experiencing price deflation

Customs Unions and Single Markets



Developing Countries – Similarities and Differences

Development and Growth Constraints - Corruption and Conflict

Development and Growth Constraints - External Shocks

Development and Growth Constraints - Gender Inequalities

Development and Growth Constraints - Infrastructure

Development and Growth Constraints - Malnutrition

Development and Growth Constraints - Primary Product Dependency

Development and Growth Constraints - Savings Gaps

Development and Growth Constraints - Trade Deficits

Development Strategies and Policies

Economic and Social Benefits from Trade

Economic Development

Economic Growth - Advanced Nations

Economic Growth - Advantages of Growth

Economic Growth - An Introduction

Economic Growth - Capital Investment and Growth in China

Economic Growth - Disadvantages

Economic Growth - Endogenous Growth Theory

Economic Growth - Harrod-Domar Model

Economic Growth - Human Capital

Economic Growth - Innovation

Economic Growth - Neo-Classical Growth – The Solow Model

Economic Growth - Rising Inequality and Rapid Growth

Economic Growth - Social Capital

Economic Growth in Brazil and Mexico

Economic Growth in the UK - Government Policies

Essay: Aid and Debt Relief - what is the impact on development?

Estonia - Growth and Development

Exchange Rates - Currency Systems

Exchange Rates - Factors Affecting Currency Values

Exchange Rates - Fixed Currency Systems

Exchange Rates - Floating Currencies

Exchange Rates - Macroeconomic Effects of Currency Fluctuations

Exchange Rates - Managed Floating Currencies

Exchange Rates - Marshall Lerner Condition

Exchange Rates - Reasons for a Currency Depreciation

External Debt Relief

Extreme Poverty

Fair Trade and Development

Fiscal Policy - Growth and Development

Foreign Direct Investment in Africa

GDP and Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)

Ghana - Economic Growth and Development

Gini Coefficient


Globalisation - Intra Industry Trade

Globalisation - Intra Regional Trade

Greece - Economic Growth and Development

Gross National Income (GNI)

Growth and Development - Norway

Human Development Index

Importance of trade for developing countries

Income and Wealth

India - Economic Growth and Development

Inequality of Income and Wealth

International Monetary Fund

International Trade

Ivory Coast - Growth and Development

Japan and South Korea Macro Performance Compared

Japanese Economy - Abenomics

Justifications for Protectionism

Labour Migration

Land Grabs

Lewis Model of Structural Economic Growth and Development

Lithuania - Growth and Development

M-PESA - Technology and Growth

Market-Led versus State-Led Development

Measuring Development - Key Indicators

Measuring Macroeconomic Performance

Measuring National Income

Measuring National Income (GDP)

Measuring Real National Income

Measuring the Standard of Living

Mexico - Economic Growth and Development

Micro Finance and Development

Middle Income Trap

Millennium Development Goals

Multi-Dimensional Poverty Index

Overseas Aid and Development

Paul Collier and Development Traps

Prebisch Singer Hypothesis

Primary Product Dependence: Republic of the Congo

Private Sector and Economic Development


Protectionism - Export Subsidies


Resource Nationalism and Development

Rostow - Five Stages of Economic Growth Model

Sources of Comparative Advantage

Sources of Growth for the Chinese Economy

South Africa - Economic Growth and Development

South Korea - Economic Growth and Development

Sovereign Wealth Funds


Specialisation and the Gains from Trade

State Intervention – Growth and Development

Sub Saharan Africa - Economic Growth and Development

Sustainable Development

Terms of Trade

The Rise of Singapore as a City State

Tourism and Economic Development

Trade Barriers

Trading Blocs and Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs)

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Visualizing the Structure of the World Economy and Population

World Bank

World Food Prices

World Trade Organisation

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