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Altruism is a term for the act of being selfless and doing something to benefit others, without expecting anything in return. It can influence behaviour in several ways:

Social norms: People are often motivated to be altruistic because they want to conform to social norms and be seen as kind and generous.

Empathy: When people feel empathy for others, they may be more likely to act altruistically to help alleviate their suffering.

Prosocial behaviour: a broad term that describes any action or behavior that benefits others or society. It can include acts of kindness, cooperation, and generosity, as well as helping behaviours like volunteering, donating to charity, or advocating for social causes.

Reciprocity: Altruistic behavior can create a sense of reciprocity and encourage others to act in a similar manner. It can foster a culture of cooperation and mutual support.

Self-esteem: Doing good things for others can also boost people's self-esteem and make them feel good about themselves.

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