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Here are details of the annual LSE Economics Society essay competition - another excellent enrichment opportunity for ambitious student economists. Deadline for entries is 1st August 2018.

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LSE Economics Society Essay Competition 2018

Take a bow Tyler Curtis from Hall Cross School in Doncaster. Tyler is the winner of the Bank of England/Financial Times schools blogging competition with a piece exploring the...

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How lab-grown burgers could feed the world

Here are the details of the 2018 Marshall Society essay competition - a superb enrichment opportunity for Year 12 students!

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Marshall Society Essay Competition 2018

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Rather wonderful that the Marshall Library has published a blog on the contribution to Economics of Joan Robinson. I urge all sixth form economists to have a read and then...

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Joan Robinson, a 'pioneering' Keynesian

Here are details of a fantastic new challenge from the CORE Economics team in partnership with the Financial Times.

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CORE Schools Economics Challenge 2018

At the beginning of this half term, we were fortunate to host Mauricio Armellini, one of the Bank of England’s North East agents. 

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Bank of England School Visits

When Dean Baker, Linda Yueh, Tim Harford and Diane Coyle contribute to an article highlighting what they feel are the most important economics books to devour - for students and...

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The Most Important Economics Books
19th April 2018

Angus Deaton Profile

Here is a new profile of the economic historian and Nobel winner Angus Deaton. Well worth reading to capture the essence of what such a rich academic career can involve.

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Angus Deaton Profile

Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, hit the headlines at the weekend, claiming that Marxism could once again become a prominent political force in the West.

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Marx as an Economist - a Curate's Egg!

The new book from Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes is a terrific short read and one that I highly recommend for sixth form economists interested in the growing debate over inequality...

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Should the Super-Rich Pay for a Universal Basic Income?

The challenges of being a transition economy - moving from Soviet central planning to a system relying more on market forces - is revealed vividly in this short video from...

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Russia's bitter taste of capitalism
4th April 2018

How To Win A Trade War

FiveThirtyEight has produced this super interactive game using game theory where you can find for yourself whether winning a trade war is as easy as President Trump appears to believe! 

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How To Win A Trade War

"This is harvesting, not fishing." A memorable quote from this superb documentary from Ed Conway which explores our economic relationships with the oceans and the planet. A decade ago, Charles...

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In Too Deep: The race to save our seas from the Tragedy of the Commons

This abridged chapter from Linda Yueh's new book on The Great Economists focuses on the ideas of Hayek, his criticisms of central planning and belief in the impact of the...

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Linda Yueh on Hayek and his devotion to the free market

Here are some recommended people to follow on social media for their work in development economics and policy - following them will help to give you great contextual examples for...

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Recommended Follows on Development Economics for 2018 Exams

Our friends at Warwick University have sent through details of their new residential summer schools

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Warwick Pre-University Summer School

Do you have some budding economics journalists in your department? The Financial Times and the Bank of England have launched a student blog competition.

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Bank of England and FT Student Economics Blog Competition

A number of new books make it into my personal selection of enrichment and extension reading for A level economists as we head into the Spring.

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Recommended Reading for A Level Economists (Spring 2018)

I used this superb Authors at Google discussion (recorded in Autumn 2017) when teaching micro-finance and social entrepreneurship. Mohammad Yunus explores how the Grameen Bank has grown into new areas of...

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Mohammed Yunus - A World of Three Zeroes

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