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#Girlboss - Lonely at the Top?

Adam Walton

9th October 2017

In the world of equal rights debates and global issues, we often overlook the fact that gender politics is still an unresolved debate. The ‘gender pay gap’ still exists with it influencing all women and their earning potentials. Alongside this the patriarchal nature of society remains dominant within certain areas of business and the family.

This is particularly true within the business world. However, women are starting to challenge this societal assumption by becoming a ‘girl boss’. This colloquial term is used to describe a woman taking control of her own destiny and owning her true value within a society that undervalues women and the role they play.  The network called 'Girl Tribe Gang’ was created to allow for women to discuss, network and try to find solutions to these wider issues. As well as allowing for other women to meet fellow entrepreneurs and gain addition support.  This article and video can be found here

Sociologically, this article is great as it is highlighting the changing position of women within our society. The fact is women are no longer expected to be a stay at home mother, they are now able to pursue a career without any stigma (apparently). However, the fact is women are still the oppressed gender, expected to pull the ‘triple shift’ within the family unit. Even a #girlboss would potentially be experiencing this burden with providing childcare, housework and aiding the man re-stabilising his personality. The main pull quote from the article is the fact men cannot do what we do have babies and still have the potential to run a business, which shows a true strength in character and drive. Something which potentially generates fear amongst their male colleagues as being a #girlboss is challenging the traditional assumptions of women in business.

This article would be fantastic when looking at the conjugal roles within the family. Get pupils to consider is being a #girlboss a way of the patriarchal powers to appease women with the illusion of equality or is it a symptom of greater equality. Are Young and Willmott correct in assuming that the family unit is becoming more symmetrical?

If you are interested in more information regarding the gender pay gap or about being a girl boss read: 

Adam Walton

Adam is an energetic, enthusiastic and passionate teacher of Sociology and Psychology at a Grammar School in Kent. He is a creative teacher who loves creating innovative ways to teach Sociology and Psychology (often through dance). He is also the Head of PSHE and Citizenship

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