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Here is a short video looking at how to shape a synoptic revision essay on the title: "Evaluate the possible microeconomic and macroeconomic impact of a government taxing all producers...

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Micro and Macro Impact of a Plastic Tax (Revision Essay Plan)

Here is a suggested approach to how A Level Economics students might respond to the essay question "Examine the view that the government should subsidise free entry to museums in...

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Museums and Government Subsidy (Revision Essay Plan)

Here is an essay plan for a question on inequality. "Discuss the extent to which fiscal policy alone can reduce income inequality."

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Fiscal Policy and Inequality (Revision Essay Plan)

This is a big part of the introductory macro course. Check your understanding of twenty-five terms linked to aggregate demand and aggregate supply!

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Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply (Quizlet Activity)

Here are some key terms in the theory of demand - test your understanding with this quizlet activity!

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Demand Theory (Quizlet Activity)

Here is a Quizlet revision activity covering ten concepts linked to the production possibility frontier.

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Production Possibility Frontier (Quizlet Activity)

Here is a quizlet revision activity on ten key terms related to the basic economic problem

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Basic Economic Problem (Quizlet Activity)

Universal credit is a huge reform to the working of the welfare benefits system in the UK. But is it fast becoming a landmark example of government failure?

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Welfare Reform - Universal Credit
Study notes



De-mergers have become more common in recent years

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Conflict, corruption and poor governance can have hugely damaging effects on a country's growth rate and development potential

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Barriers to Growth and Development - Corruption and Conflict

Here is an eight question revision quiz and short revision session video covering aspects of consumer and producer surplus. It is a great way to test your understanding.

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Test 16: A Level Economics: MCQ Revision on Consumer and Producer Surplus

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