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Here is a suggested response to an Edexcel A-Level Economics style data response question examining factors influencing the profits of UK construction companies.

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Housing Industry Profits - Exam Question Walkthrough for Edexcel Economics

Here is an essay plan for a question examining whether economies of scale benefit firms and their shareholders more than consumers.

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Economies of Scale - Worked Essay Answer

In this video we walk through a suggested answer to a data response question on the macroeconomic effects of a higher minimum wage.

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Minimum Wage - A Level Economics Data Response Plan

In this revision video we work through a 25 mark essay plan on the extent to which high rates of inward labour migration can increase employment and reduce unemployment in an...

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Labour Migration & Jobs: Revision Essay Plan

Examiners are looking for students to develop their analysis diagrams in exams. In this video we look at four examples of how you can do this.

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Developing Diagrams for A* Analysis

Some exam questions now require you to answer using examples from “an industry of your choice.”

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How to do some industry research to get top grades in your micro exams

Recently, we asked hundreds of experience Economics teachers and examiners to reflect on what A and A* students do that makes their answers stand out and score so highly.

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How to Get a Top Grade in A Level Economics - 12 Top Teacher Tips for Success

This video offers some advice on scoring high marks for analysis when using economics theory diagrams.

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Ace Your Diagrams for Top Marks in A-Level Economics Exams

Here is an example answer to a 15-mark question for Edexcel A-Level Economics on methods of government intervention to protect consumers within the utilities markets.

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Government Intervention to Protect Consumers in Utilities Markets (Worked Answer to Edexcel Q6 (e), Paper 1 2019)

This video provides advice on structuring high-scoring answers for data response questions and essays in Edexcel A-Level Economics Paper 1.

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How to Structure Great Data Response Answers and Essays in Edexcel A-Level Economics Paper 1

Here is an example of how to build a chain of reasoning and add some evaluation into your answer. This question relates to the changing price of diesel fuel in...

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Chains of Reasoning and Evaluation: Fuel Prices in the UK

Here are some thoughts ahead of Edexcel Economics Paper 3 for 2019.

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Edexcel Paper 3 for 2019 – Synoptic Economics

The microeconomics paper usually ranges far and wide across many different markets and industries. In this video, I look at some of the issues that have been topical in the...

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Key Topics to Revise for Paper 1 Micro in 2019

This video looks at which topics have been examined so far for Edexcel Paper 2 (Macro) covering themes 2 and 4 of the specification.

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Edexcel Economics Exam Tracking (PAPER 2)


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