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This blog brings together links to economics specifications and past paper resources for each of the main UK Economics exam boards

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Economics Exams - Specifications and Past Papers

Here is a revision video on shaping an answer to a 25 mark essay question on the possible micro and macro economic effects of increasing VAT in the UK

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Micro and Macro Effects of Higher VAT (Edexcel 25 Mark Question)

Here is a revision video working through a draft answer to this question: "Evaluate the micro and macro effects of a policy that caps the level of executive pay."

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Micro and Macro Effects of an Executive Pay Cap (EdExcel Paper 3)

This collection of 12 example essays explores how to answer synoptic essay questions in linear A Level Economics exams.

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Synoptic Example Essays (Volume 1) for A Level Economics

Here is a revision exam technique video looking synoptically at some of the likely micro and macro consequences of the UK leaving the EU single market.

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UK Leaving the Single Market (Micro and Macro Impact and Evaluation)

Here is a revision video looking at some of the micro and macroeconomic effects of a 20% depreciation in sterling and considering potential evaluation arguments.

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Currency Depreciation (Micro and Macro Impact and Evaluation)

Here is a video taking students through a suggested answer to this 25 mark essay question. “For developing countries in particular, economic growth must always be the most important macro policy...

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Economic Growth (Essay Technique Video)

In this revision video we look at a possible answer to this 25 mark essay question: "To raise standards of living, countries should focus solely on increasing GDP per capita." To...

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Measuring the Standard of Living (Essay Technique Video)

Analysis should occur through a clear chain of reasoning. This short revision video build a chain of reasoning explaining why pure public goods can lead to market failure because the...

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Public Goods and Market Failure "Chains of Reasoning" Revision Video

This short revision video clip explains how supernormal profits can be earned by a monopoly supplier in the long run because of the existence of barriers to entry. Good analysis...

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Monopoly Profits and Entry Barriers "Chains of Reasoning" Revision Video

Here is a revision webinar video looking at how to build a 25 mark answer to this essay question: "President Trump has proposed a 20% tariff on Mexican imports, blaming free trade...

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Import Tariffs (Essay Technique Video)

Here is an essay plan using the PECAN PIE technique for developing an answer to this question: "Neo-classical theory of competition implies that more firms in a market is the...

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Competition and Consumer Welfare (Essay Technique Video)
Exam technique advice

AQA A Level Economics Exam Advice

Here is an overview of advice from the tutor2u Economics team on how students should approach the three linear papers for AQA A Level Economics papers.

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AQA A Level Economics Exam Advice

Here is an overview of advice from the tutor2u Economics team on how students should approach the three linear papers for Edexcel A Level Economics (A) papers.

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Edexcel A Level Economics (A) Exam Advice

Why is the rate of inflation consistently higher for emerging market and developing economies contrasted with advanced countries? A number of demand and supply-side reasons might be given to help...

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Inflation in Emerging and Advanced Countries (Chains of Reasoning)

Here is an example of how to turn an assertion into a chain of reasoning that will score higher marks for analysis. The example focuses on the effects of a...

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Taxing De-Merit Goods - "Chains of Reasoning" Revision Video

Here is a chain of reasoning approach to this question: Why might a product have a highly negative income elasticity of demand and a high price elasticity of demand?

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Income and Price Elasticity of Demand "Chain of Reasoning" Revision Video

In this 3 minute video we develop simple chains of reasoning to help explain why the production possibility frontier for an economy might shift inwards. We also revise the difference between...

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An Inward Shift of the PPF "Chains of Reasoning" Revision Video

Here is a short revision video exploring a chain of reasoning to this question: Explain two ways in which a central bank can cause a currency depreciation.

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Currency Intervention "Chains of Reasoning" Revision Video

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