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Transition Economies


Transition economies are involved in a process of moving from a centrally planned economy to a mixed or free market economy.

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Transition Economies

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AQA A Level Economics Diagram Practice Book

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This study presentation looks at the causes and consequences of different types of financial crisis. It also focuses on the Hyman Minsky theory of financial instability in a capitalist economic...

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Financial Economics - Financial Crisis Study Presentation

This is an introduction study presentation on the meaning of money and the difference between money, capital and currency markets.

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Financial Economics - Introduction to Money and Finance

This is a study presentation on commercial banks and investment banks and includes a section on how commercial banks create credit / money in a modern economy.

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Financial Economics - Commercial and Investment Banks

Government bonds are fixed interest securities. This means that a bond pays a fixed annual interest – this is known as the coupon. The coupon (paid in £s, $s, Euros etc.)...

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Financial Economics - Bond Prices and Interest Rates

On June 23rd 2016 the UK voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. Prime Minister David Cameron resigned the morning after the vote and a few weeks later, Theresa...

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Brexit - The UK and the EU - Updated Presentation (2016)

Here is a listing of a range of revision presentations for A Level Macroeconomics

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A Level Macroeconomics Revision Presentations

Remittances are monies sent by people living and working overseas back to their country of origin – usually sent back to their families. To what extent are remittance inflows an important /...

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Migrant Remittances and Economic Development

What are some of the main barriers to economic growth and development?This is a revision presentation covering examples of barriers ti economic growth and development in emerging and developing...

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Barriers to Economic Growth and Development

This is a revision presentation covering some of the key factors that affect competitiveness of countries in the global economy and also an assessment of demand and supply-side policies that...

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Revision Presentation: Competitiveness in the Global Economy

This revision presentation is designed for students revising their A2 macroeconomics. It looks at the economics of currency markets and focuses in particular on different exchange rate systems and the...

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Revision Presentation - Economics of Currency Markets

How does the threat of competition affect a firm’s behaviour?This revision presentation looks at the economics of contestable markets

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Revision Presentation on Contestable Markets

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