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Here are the slides and videos from our revision webinar covering some aspects of Brexit relevant to A level economics students. In particular there is a focus on synoptic connections...

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Economics of Brexit (Revision Webinar)

This webinar looks at synoptic issues surrounding ageing economies. How will ageing affect productivity, innovation, competitiveness, growth and the future of the welfare state?

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Ageing Population (Revision Webinar)

This collection of 12 example essays explores how to answer synoptic essay questions in linear A Level Economics exams.

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Synoptic Example Essays (Volume 1) for A Level Economics

Here is a video recording of the revision webinar on aspects of the Gig Economy. I have also provided detailed notes from the session.

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The Gig Economy - (Revision Webinar)

Is the UK tax on high sugar drinks an effective and equitable government intervention to help address the growing social costs arising from our consumption of high sugar drinks?

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Economics of a Sugar Tax

The idea of a deadweight loss relates to the consequences for economic efficiency when a market is not at an equilibrium. The concept links closely to the ideas of consumer...

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Deadweight Loss of Economic Welfare Explained

This revision video looks at some of the causes of price volatility in the international coffee market. Market prices tend to be volatile when demand and supply are inelastic in...

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Price Volatility in the Coffee Market

In this short revision video we look at the data for new house-building in the UK and consider some of the reasons why price elasticity of supply is low in...

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Elasticity of Supply - The Supply of New Housing in the UK

This revision video playlist covers introductory economics including scarcity, opportunity cost, division of labour, positive and normative statements

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Basic Economic Problem - Revision Video Playlist

This playlist provides a series of short revision videos covering everything you need to know on the Balance of Payments.

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Balance of Payments - Revision Video Playlist

In this short revision video we cover different types of demand – namely effective, latent, derived, composite and joint demand.

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Different Types of Demand

In this short revision video we will look at the concepts of market supply and joint supply.

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Different Types of Supply

A short revision video covering consumer surplus and the effects of shifts in supply and demand and also maximum prices on the level of consumer surplus. Consumer surplus is one...

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Consumer Surplus and Changing Prices

This revision video looks at the definition and measurement of underemployment. The number of people estimated to be underemployed in the UK is now above 2.5 million.

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Underemployment in the UK Labour Market
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This revision video looks at the arguments for and against the crowding-out view of higher government spending and borrowing.

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Assumptions are initial conditions made before a micro or macroeconomic analysis is built.

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Assumptions in Economics - Revision Video

Here is a topic update video focusing on three data charts - unemployment, employment and economic inactivity. Download the charts using the link below.

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Falling Unemployment - 3 Charts on the UK Economy

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