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This revision video assesses some of the arguments for and against taking the UK rail industry into state ownership.

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Economics of Rail Nationalisation
Student videos

Game Theory (2018 Update)

Here is an updated revision webinar covering aspects of game theory and competition policy. We look at some past multiple choice questions and work through a version of the Prisoner's...

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Game Theory (2018 Update)

Here is a challenge! In this video we give you ten key data charts on the UK economy and ask you to identify them (don't worry, the questions are in...

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UK Economy Data Chart Quiz (2018)

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Synoptic Example Essays (Volume 1) for A Level Economics

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A quick look at some of the key fiscal policy numbers ahead of the 2018 economics exams and a section on longer term risks to the amount of tax revenue the...

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UK: Key Fiscal Facts for 2018

Here is a recording of our April 2018 revision webinar evaluating the use of quantitative easing in the UK economy.

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Quantitative Easing (Evaluating QE in the UK Economy)

This is a recording of a revision webinar on Market Structures - designed for Year 13 Economics students. Market structure is dynamic – examiners love industries where there is change especially the...

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Market Structures (Revision Webinar)

Here are some thoughts on this question: Examine two possible causes of a fall in the rate of economic inactivity in the UK labour market (8)

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Economic Inactivity (Essay Plan)

Here is a guided answer to a synoptic essay question: Evaluate the likely micro and macroeconomic effects of a sustained fall in inward labour migration into the UK (25)

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Labour Migration (Synoptic Essay Plan)

In this short revision video we look at the key diagrams that can be used to show firms making supernormal profit, sub-normal profit and also the shut-down price in the...

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Abnormal and Sub-Normal Profits - Key Diagrams

Here is a revision video from our recent revision webinar which takes a synoptic perspective on the renewable energy industry. Some additional study notes are also provided below.

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Synoptic Economics: Renewable Energy

Here are the slides and videos from our revision webinar covering some aspects of Brexit relevant to A level economics students. In particular there is a focus on synoptic connections...

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Economics of Brexit (Revision Webinar)

This webinar looks at synoptic issues surrounding ageing economies. How will ageing affect productivity, innovation, competitiveness, growth and the future of the welfare state? 

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Ageing Population (Revision Webinar)

Here is a video recording of the revision webinar on aspects of the Gig Economy. I have also provided detailed notes from the session.

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The Gig Economy - (Revision Webinar)
Student videos

Sugar Taxes


Is the UK tax on high sugar drinks an effective and equitable government intervention to help address the growing social costs arising from our consumption of high sugar drinks?

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Sugar Taxes

The idea of a deadweight loss relates to the consequences for economic efficiency when a market is not at an equilibrium. The concept links closely to the ideas of consumer...

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Deadweight Loss of Economic Welfare Explained

This revision video looks at some of the causes of price volatility in the international coffee market. Market prices tend to be volatile when demand and supply are inelastic in...

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Price Volatility in the Coffee Market

In this short revision video we look at the data for new house-building in the UK and consider some of the reasons why price elasticity of supply is low in...

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Elasticity of Supply - The Supply of New Housing in the UK

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