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Here is a short matching terms quiz on aspects of market failure. Who can come top of the leaderboard?

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Market Failure (Quizlet Revision Activity)

This collection of 12 example essays explores how to answer synoptic essay questions in linear A Level Economics exams.

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Synoptic Example Essays (Volume 1) for A Level Economics

Drawing on data from the Observatory of Economic Complexity, here is a Quizlet matching quiz on twelve of the world's biggest exporters of specific product categories. How many can you...

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World's Biggest Exporters in 2016 (Quizlet Activity)

This short Quizlet resource takes data on UK real GDP to test understanding of different stages of the economic cycle

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Stages of the Economic Cycle (Quizlet Activity)

Here are twenty-five key terms in introductory macroeconomics that you can revise in a matching activity.

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Macroeconomic Objectives (Quizlet Activity)

Here is a quick Quizlet matching quiz covering ten concepts associated with banking in financial markets

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Banking (Quizlet Activity)

Here is a quizlet resource covering twenty-five concepts in Year 1 macro focusing around the economic cycle & aggregate demand and aggregate supply

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Introductory Macro (Quizlet Activity)

Here is a fifty term Quizlet resource covering introductory microeconomics

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Introductory Microeconomics (Quizlet Activity)

This activity tests the ability to calculate average and marginal costs and average and marginal revenues.

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Costs and Revenues - 'Match Up' activity

The basics of the price mechanism are tested by the questions in this revision quiz

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Price Mechanism Revision Quiz

Here's a set of 20 questions on any micro or macro topic from the A level in Economics (2017 specification).  A quick test before the Paper 3 exam!

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20 Multi-Choice Questions on any topic - revision for Paper 3

Here is a quick revision tool for a large selection of diagrams used for Business Economics in micro papers (or synoptic paper 3 at A Level).

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Business Economics - Diagram in your Pocket

Here's a 10 question multi-choice quiz on demand and supply-side policies aimed at A Level students.  It uses our 'Beat the Zombie' format which asks players to identify the correct answers...

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10 question multi-choice quiz on Demand and Supply-Side Policies

Here's a 10 question multi-choice quiz on labour markets.  It uses a 'confidence-based' approach to scoring.  This means that, as well as stating which answer you think is correct you must...

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Multi-choice quiz on Labour Markets
Revision quizzes

Behavioural Economics


This series of 10-question MCQ quizzes are for A Level Economics students to test their knowledge and understanding of Behavioural Economics.

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Behavioural Economics

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