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7th May 2018

Inside iPhone City

A hat tip to Jon Inge who spotted this Business Insider report on a visit to the FoxConn complex 20 miles outside downtown Zhengzhou where more than half of the world's...

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Inside iPhone City

CSR gold! BBC News explores the rise of ethical coffee brewing as more consumers become concerned about the provenance of their morning drink.

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CSR: How changing coffee tastes are helping farmers

An interesting TUC reflection on the continued relevance of trade unions, and the need for young workers to join unions. The headline is a bit misleading: it should read "Unions...

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Trade Unions and Younger Workers

A fascinating series of short interviews here with the developers of the first iPhone.

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The Secret Team Who Developed the iPhone

This 10 minute interview by the Verge with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella provides a terrific overview of Microsoft's strategy as well as providing insights into the leadership style of Satya Nadella.

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Leadership: CEO Satya Nadella’s Vision for Microsoft

Leadership has got to be a hot favourite for one of the Section B essay options in the final BUSS4 sitting in June 2016! Here is a quick selection of business...

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Some Great Leaders to Research for BUSS4 in June 2016

This is a superb short video that can be used to explore how technological change is influencing the innovation strategy of major electronics firms.

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Innovation & Growth Strategy: Smartphone Makers Turn to Wearables

This article in InternetRetailing is packed with powerful lines of analysis for students researching the importance of strategic choices made by retailers.

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E-commerce: Too Many Retailers Now Playing Catchup with Risky Digital Strategies

If students are looking for a case study of a business that is truly built around a deliberate attempt to create and nurture a strong organisational culture, they need...

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Organisational Culture: Tony Hsieh on Zappos, Core Values, Culture and Organisational Structure

A gentle look here at the ways in which technology is transforming the logistics industry, focusing on the changing work of the delivery driver.

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How Technology is Transforming the Delivery Business

This is a terrific article from InternetRetailing packed with useful insights for students needing to understand the importance of suppliers in a successful e-commerce strategy.

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Success in E-commerce? The Supply Chain is Critical

Localisation - adapting the marketing mix to reflect the needs and wants of local customers - is a key factor in the success (or otherwise) of businesses wanting to succeed...

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Exploiting the E-commerce Opportunity Overseas - the Importance of Localisation

Making e-commerce profitable is extremely challenging in the UK grocery market. It has taken many of the key players an incredibly long time to make online profitable. Even then, the...

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Is Offering Online Grocery Simply a Hygiene Factor?

Sir Philip Green's retail empire Arcadia dominates the UK high street. However, as this FT Business video explains, Sir Philip's fashion brand portfolio faces intensive competition, not the least from...

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The Challenges Facing Arcadia in the UK Retail Market

Business consultants PwC have a renowned team specialising in advising their clients in the UK & global retail industry.A recent PwC report - titled Retailers and the Age of Disruption...

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E-commerce, Retailers and the Age of Disruption

The general election is over and the British electorate now need to prepare to cast their votes in a simple IN/OUT referendum on the UK's continued membership of the...

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UK Manufacturing and BREXIT

In this short FT Video, Andrew Hill and Brooke Masters discuss how, according to a recent study, the appointment of a chief executive can undermine shareholder value.Some useful insights...

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The Cost of Having a New CEO

The opportunities for commercial and other applications of nanotechnology are widely regarded as significant. This short video explores some of the most interesting. The key question for the UK manufacturing...

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Nanotechnology - A World of Opportunity


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