This short video looks at the nature of commitment contracts as a way of encouraging people to follow through with behaviours that might improve their health or other aspects of...

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Behavioural Economics - Commitment Contracts

In this short video I look at some examples of behavioural nudges in action including changes of choice architecture and default options as a way of influencing the decisions that...

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Behavioural Nudges in Action

This is a recording of the Year 2 Economics revision webinar looking at business objectives. We work through some MC questions and revise each of the different objectives that corporations might...

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Revision Webinar: Business Objectives

Here is an answer to a multiple choice question on deflation in the Swedish economy.

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MCQ Revision Question: Policies to Avoid Deflation

This is a slightly unexpected twist on the usual tariff diagram question. Students are asked to apply their understanding of the effects on domestic producers of a decision by a...

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MCQ Revision Question: Reducing an Import Tariff

Changes in policy interest rates can affect the external value of a currency. This is the focus on the multiple choice question we look at in this short video -...

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MCQ Revision Question: Hot Money and the Exchange Rate

Sometimes in a MC question there is no alternative but to do a little number crunching to get the right answer! This short revision video takes you through just such...

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MCQ Revision Question: Calculating Real GDP

In this revision video we look at an exam question on whether information services are public or private goods?

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MCQ Revision Question: Information as a Public Good

This revision clip on economics exam technique focuses on shifts in market demand and market supply and the impact on equilibrium price and quantity supplied. It is good technique to...

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MCQ Revision Question: Changing Market Prices

Prompted by new data published by the World Bank, this short video explores the relative size of the world's largest economies. Will 2017 be a year when the centre of gravity...

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Relative size of major world economies

In this short revision video we use indifference curves to illustrate the concept of cross price elasticity of demand for two substitute products.

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Indifference Curves - Cross Price Elasticity and Substitutes

In this revision video we work through how to show the substitution and income effects arising from a fall in the market price of a product, in our example we...

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Indifference Curves - Income and Substitution Effects for Normal Goods

This short revision video consider how demand for two normal goods (with a positive income elasticity of demand) is affected when real income increases. The video uses indifference curve analysis...

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Indifference Curves - Rising Income and Normal Goods

This short revision video takes you through the key analysis diagram when using indifference curves to show the effect of a rise in real income when one of the products...

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Indifference Curves - Rising Income and Inferior Goods

This is a quick primer on the ways in which behavioural economics challenges the assumptions the null model of agent behaviour that dominated conventional economics for decades.

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Behavioural Economics - A Quick Primer

This short exam technique video looks at building chains of reasoning to answer a question: Explain two economic effects of an improvement in the terms of trade.

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Chain of Reasoning - The Terms of Trade

The external value of the pound has been falling since the referendum vote to leave the European Union. But, so far, there is little sign of an improvement in the...

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Brexit and the J Curve Effect

This is a recording of a short revision webinar looking at the factors affecting business profits and working through some Year 2 multiple choice questions on related topics.

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Revision Webinar - Business Profits

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