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The Unification Church of South Korea, more commonly known as the Moonies fits the typology of a sect in many ways.

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This is the first in a 3 part series where I will take a deep-dive into the religions that have grown significantly in the UK, according to the 2021 Census (religion info released in November...

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Pawan Dhingra talks at Harvard College about the sociological imagination. Why not share this video with your students?

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When I first chose to study A-Level Sociology a few years ago now, some of my friends and relatives asked me why I would chose to study the subject over something more familiar like Biology or...

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18th October 2019

The 'Longevity Economy'

The following article explores how as people are living longer and healthcare has improved for many around the world, older people's spending is also increasing as a result. The silver economy...

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14th October 2019

A Surveillance Society

The following podcast from BBC Beyond Today explores the use of surveillance in society.

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20th March 2019

Colbalt from the DRC

The following article from The Guardian explores the metals that are used in mobile phones, and the impact of mining for these.

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21st February 2019

School Startups

Following on from Monday's post about 'the point of GCSEs' comes an article about the education system from a different angle.

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21st December 2018

Green Taxes

Recent unrest in France has led to President Macron revoking a tax on motor fuel that was intended to be one strategy to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Macron was partly forced to do this as...

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In a recent interview, Hillary Clinton warned that Europe needed to 'get a handle' on migration, otherwise risk 'fanning the flames of populism'.

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7th June 2018

Late Capitalism

A video that highlights the term late capitalism.

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6th June 2018

Helicopter Parents

An interesting video from The Economist about ‘helicopter parents’.

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1st May 2018


Amazon is the world’s largest retailer and the following article provides an interactive look at how the company has grown since it was first established.

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Following on from the post yesterday about the recent hearing by the US Congress and the Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, the following video explores just how powerful social media networks like...

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16th February 2018

British Stereotypes

A bit of a daft video link for Friday!

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25th January 2018

Crash Course: Religion

Another great video from the Sociology Crash Course series and this time about religion (sacred, the profane and a summary of structural functionalists and conflict theorists).

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9th January 2018

Gender Pay Divide

The following video outlines one of the crucial issues with the gender pay divide between men and women.

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14th November 2017

The Growth of Megacities

Megacities are defined as cities with more than ten million inhabitants. Inward migration to cities is usually coupled with people seeking a ‘better quality of life’ where they have greater access...

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Out-Dated Or Still Relevant? Does functionalism still have a place in modern society? Can it still be relevant considering how much has changed in society in the last 60 plus years? Strengths


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The Organic Or Biological Analogy Herbert Spencer (1820-1903) developed the body analogy (also known as the organic analogy) to describe how society works. The various parts are interrelated and...

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