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EdExcel Theme 3 Micro Knowledge Book - Labour Markets


Last updated 21 Dec 2018

Here are some links and revision activities for students and teachers using the EdExcel Theme 3 Knowledge Book for Economics. This section covers labour markets which is from page 65 onwards in the Tutor2u Knowledge Book.

Labour market statistics for the UK

The main data for employment and the labour market from the ONS can be found here

Average earnings in the UK labour market:

Employee earnings in the UK in 2018

Gender pay gap in the UK in 2018


Data on the ageing population in the UK

Key study topic areas

Labour demand

Labour supply

Mobility of labour

Wage determination and wage differentials

Trade unions

Revising matching activity on the economics of labour markets

Some important labour market issues

Gender pay gaps

Our main study collection on the gender pay gap is here

The Guardian also has a superb updated collection of articles on the issue

The Gig Economy

Tutor2u study resources on the Gig Economy

Guardian articles on the Gig Economy

BBC news articles on the Gig Economy

Minimum wage and living wage

Minimum wage and living wage study collection

Guardian news articles on the minimum wage

Executive pay and bonuses

Executive pay study collection

Guardian news articles on executive pay and bonuses

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