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Brexit: Could Liechtenstein be a model for the UK?

25th August 2016

Liechtenstein is in the European Economic Area. It also has restrictions on the free movement of people. Could it be a model for the UK’s Brexit? This short report...

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A2 Economics Revision Videos

International Competitiveness

Revision videos

What is international competitiveness and what are the main factors that affect international competitiveness? In this revision webinar recording I explore the critical issue of international competitiveness and assesses the...

UK & the European Union

Revision videos

In this recorded revision webinar I explore the UK's economic relationship with the European Union. How important is the EU to the UK economy? What is the impact of EU...

Monopoly Power in Markets

Revision videos

In this revision video I explore the concept of monopoly power in markets. What is monopoly? What are the cases for and against it? How can monopoly power be mitigated?

Latest Economics Study & Revision Videos

Revision videos

Threats to Globalisation


Globalisation as a process of deeper integration between countries is not inevitable. This short revision video outlines some of the factors causing a slowdown in the growth of world trade...


Whilst the debate over UK membership of the single currency is - by and large - decided, there is an ongoing economic discussion about whether membership of the Euro Zone...


This short revision video takes students through the law of comparative advantage and uses PPF analysis to show how a country such as Malawi could benefit from specialisation and trade...


This short revision video provides an overview of three forms of imperfect competition, namely monopoly, oligopoly and imperfect competition. It considers too the likely impact of each market structure on...

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The A Level Economics Strong Foundations workshops are designed to support all Year 13 A Level Economics students as they complete the fourth term of their two-year linear course.

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The Economics Reference Library

Latest Economics Enrichment Videos


Liechtenstein is in the European Economic Area. It also has restrictions on the free movement of people. Could it be a model for the UK’s Brexit? This short report...


The pay gap in the UK between men and women with higher level qualifications has not changed for 20 years, despite several government initiatives. Gemma Tetlow, FT economics correspondent, uses Institute...

24th August 2016

Historical context of Brexit


Becoming a member of the EU had positive effects on UK’s economy. In this video, Professor Nick Crafts suggests that leaving the EU will very probably have a negative...

23rd August 2016

Brexit and Income Inequality


Wage inequality was partly behind the vote for Brexit. In this short video, Brian Bell argues that the costs of Brexit should be evaluated in terms of income distribution.