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Achieving A* in A Level Economics

What can you do to help your best A Level Economics students achieve the highest grades? This course explores a variety of proven techniques that we hope will also work for your department!

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China in 2031 - A Look into the Future!

28th September 2016

Here is a presentation in Prezi format from some of my Year 13 students who won an internal competition dissecting projections for the Chinese economy over the next fifteen years. I...

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Take your pick from these superb collections of teaching & learning resources designed to support the new A Level Economics specifications.

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Browse our growing and already comprehensive collection of teaching resources to support teaching colleagues and students preparing for linear A Level Economics.

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tutor2u's leading topic-by-topic digital course companions cover all the key topics in the linear A Level Economics specifications. A superb resource for every teacher and student.

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Year 2 Economics Revision Videos

Contestable Markets

Revision videos

In this revision webinar we explore the key concept of market contestability. We take a look at the conditions for contestability, the crucial role of industry cost structures and the...

Business Objectives

Revision videos

In this recording of a recent revision webinar I take students through some key issues relating to Business Objectives.You can download the slides used in the revision webinar here.

A Level Economics Student Revision Workshops (2016) - Session Contents

27th January 2016

We are pleased to announce details of the session content for our popular student revision workshops for A Level Economics.

Latest Economics Study & Revision Videos

Revision videos

Threats to Globalisation


Globalisation as a process of deeper integration between countries is not inevitable. This short revision video outlines some of the factors causing a slowdown in the growth of world trade...


Whilst the debate over UK membership of the single currency is - by and large - decided, there is an ongoing economic discussion about whether membership of the Euro Zone...


This short revision video takes students through the law of comparative advantage and uses PPF analysis to show how a country such as Malawi could benefit from specialisation and trade...


This short revision video provides an overview of three forms of imperfect competition, namely monopoly, oligopoly and imperfect competition. It considers too the likely impact of each market structure on...

Teacher CPD

Fast-Track Your Planning for AQA A Level Economics (Year 2)

Get your second year of teaching AQA A Level Economics off to a flying start with this resource-packed CPD course. Highly recommended as you begin Year 2 teaching!

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The Economics Reference Library

GDP and Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)

Study notes

GDP for different countries is usually measured in a common currency – normally we use the US dollar. But there are two problems in using exchange rates to measure GDP

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Latest Economics Enrichment Videos


The Argentinian economy is struggling with double-digit inflation and stagnant real economic growth. The currency remains prone to devaluation (increasing the cost of essential imports) and the country has seen...


Harvard economist Ken Rogoff has a new book out called The Curse of Cash. In his view, the world is awash with cash and it’s making us poorer and...


Professor Sanjeev Goyal explains his general theory of network formation based on individual incentives, and their economic implications in this short video.


"Brexit means Brexit", but what does this mean? Our friends at Econ Films have interviewed over a dozen economists from a range of fields, and made this quick video explaining...