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DCD Questioning - Developing Analysis, Evaluation and Higher Order Thinking

Graham Prior

25th October 2014

I posted this questioning technique on our Business Studies blog a few weeks back but thought it would be worth sharing on our teaching and learning blog after some fantastic feedback from teachers who have tried this out in lessons with amazing success.

DCD questioning is a very, very simple questioning technique that promotes higher order thinking; allows students to discuss different viewpoints and helps the teacher to facilitate a discussion (within a business studies lesson).

DCD questioning is simple. D stands for 'develop' and C stands for 'challenge'.

How it works is simple. After the teacher has posed a question and either asked a pupil to respond or waited for a pupil to volunteer an answer the teacher then selects another student to 'develop' that students response further. The teacher then selects another pupil to 'challenge' the argument that has been made. The teacher can then select another pupil to 'develop' this even further (DCD).

The beauty of this is that the teacher becomes the facilitator of the discussion by simply asking students to develop and challenge other students responses.

This strategy is perfect for a number of subjects where there is a need for students to analyse and evaluate key concepts and topics.

In relation to the challenge part of DCD questioning, this doesn't always need to be a counter argument. It could be challenging the original point made by perhaps pointing out a flaw in the argument.

When using DCD questioning in lessons it is essential to allow appropriate wait time to allow students to formulate their responses.

Graham Prior

Graham is an experienced teacher, examiner, moderator and lover of education with a passion for teaching and learning.

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