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Friday fun: politicians dancing (or not!)

Mike McCartney

3rd September 2021

You may want to look away...

Yes, for much of it. But maybe not all of it.

I tried to get this out today, but had network issues. Maybe I should rename it the Monday Maybot. Quite far the worst in my view. But Michael Gove is up there.

I had a bit of reaction to the short clip of the Duchy of Lancaster doing some sort of move like he was standing up and trying to extricate himself from a sleeping bag.

One of the most able students of A Level Politics I've ever taught, Courtney, suggested Michael Gove might not be 'real'. Someone impersonating Gove, I asked? No, that's not what she meant. So we'll leave it there.

So it made me think back to the long list in my memory of bad politician dancing.

A few of them are covered in a Guardian feature.

Click here to see Theresa May, Ed Balls, the current PM, and then the day is almost saved by Barack Obama. In my opinion, just coolness personified. How is it he just manages to hit the right note in almost every social situation? Is there any other political who has mastered their craft better in this regard?


Anyway, I'll add a few more that the Guardian omitted.

A Trump combo
That Drake spoof Trump did
We've had the 45th and 44th POTUS, what about the 43rd?
And here he is again!!
We've done quite a bit of the USA, what about Russia? Here is Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin. Look him up, if you don't know who he is.
Back to the US, and the candidate who outscored Trump in the 2016 popular vote
Here, a short clip covering the dancing 'controversy' of the politician many of my students would like to see as POTUS
OK, not strictly a politician. But worth a watch.
And I'll leave with a clip of the dance that triggered this blog post. Enjoy one more time!

Mike McCartney

Mike is an experienced A-Level Politics teacher, author and examiner.

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