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The concept of intersectionality serves to highlight how various biological, social, religious and cultural categorisations interact with one another.

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Feminism: Intersectionality

Equality feminists and difference feminists both desire a better world. Unlike most other strands of thought, the distinction between them centres not on the means but on the end goal.

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Feminism: Equality Feminism and Difference Feminism

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Politics Teacher National Conference 2019

The second-wave feminist Carol Hanish is credited with the slogan “the personal is the political.” This remains one of the most celebrated phrases from an ideology that boldly recasts the...

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Feminism: The Personal is Political
Study notes

Feminism: Patriarchy

Patriarchy refers to a society dominated by men i.e. society, state and the economy are characterised by systematic, institutionalised and pervasive gender oppression.

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Feminism: Patriarchy

The distinction between sex and gender is a highly pertinent one when seeking an understanding of feminist ideology.

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Feminism: Sex and Gender

Feminists claim that gender stereotypes serve to uphold patriarchy and place boundaries upon women’s lives.

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Feminism: Gender Stereotypes

Essentialism is an element of feminist ideology based upon the argument that women are fundamentally different to men.

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Feminism: Essentialism

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Central to the feminist perspective is that men dominate the public sphere whereas women are essentially relegated to the private sphere.

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Feminism: Public and Private Sphere

This study note introduces our series of notes exploring the key features of the General Election in June 2017.

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General Election 2017: Introduction

Here are ten key pieces of legislation which involved significant change to suffrage / the franchise in Britain. Can you match the change to the legislation?

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Development of Suffrage / Franchise in Britain "Match Up" Activity

This study note explores some key features of the General Election of June 2017 relating to the role and impact of the media.

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General Election 2017: The Media

Here are some key features of the June 2017 General Election result in so far as they relate to gender, age, ethnicity and religion.

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General Election 2017: Gender, Age, Ethnicity and Region

What were some of the key features of social class and partisanship of the General Election in June 2017?

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General Election 2017: Social Class and Partisanship

In this final study note on Tony Blair as Prime Minister we explore some key examples of what happened when Blair can be argued to have lost control of his...

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Tony Blair: Blair Loses Control

What can we learn about how Tony Blair was able to lead whilst very much in control of his government?

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Tony Blair: Blair in Control

Some of the most significant policies of the government under the leadership of Tony Blair are outlined below:

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Tony Blair: Policies of the Blair Premiership

In this study note we highlight some of the key events during Tony Blair's time as Prime Minister.

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Tony Blair: Key Events of Blair's Premiership

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