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Minor Political Parties


Professor Vernon Bogdanor is on fine form in another of his series of lectures on the British party political system. In this lecture he studies in depth the roles played...

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Minor Political Parties

Have we moved from a two-party to a multi-party system even with the result of the 2017 General Election? Here is a wonderful enrichment lecture from Professor Vernon Bognador - full...

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From Two-Party to Multi-Party Politics
Study notes

Classic Liberalism


The classical liberal school of thought is opposed to an expansion in the role of the state. 

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Classic Liberalism

Join us for the enrichment CPD event of 2019 for all A Level Politics teachers. An opportunity to sit back, relax and reinvigorate your subject expertise and passion. Not to be...

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Politics Teacher National Conference 2019

Here is another quite superb lecture on political parties from Professor Vernon Bogdanor. In this lecture from February 2018 he discusses the history of the British Labour Party.

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The Labour Party - Professor Vernon Bogdanor

Here's 10 multi-choice questions related to emerging and minority parties in the UK.  With this Card Drop activity, payers have to remove answers that they think are incorrect.  If they identify...

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Emerging and Minority Parties in the UK - 'Card Drop Activity'

In this activity the player is told the percentage turnout for different age groups in the 2015 General Election.  Using the dial, they must then 'guestimate' what they think was the...

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Voter Turnout in the 2017 General Election - "Dial Up" activity

Here's a 5 minute starter or plenary relating to results from recent General Elections.  The activity asks players to decide on who would win an imaginary 'tug of war' contest based...

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General Elections Result - 'Tug of War' activity

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Introducing Present Drop Challenge - the tutor2u Politics Christmas game for 2017! There are two questions sets for you to try - Politics and Festive Trivia There are two versions...

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Politics - Christmas Lesson Activities for 2017

Here's an activity that tests some of the basic facts and philosophies surrounding the New Labour movement from 1997 to 2010. The activity starts by showing 10 facts about the movement as part...

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New Labour - "Conveyor Belt" activity

Try this activity on Voting Behaviour at the 2017 UK General Election.  Each of the 10 questions asks what proportion (as a percentage) of a group (e.g. by age, by socio-economic...

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Voting Behaviour at the 2017 UK General Election - "Dial Up" activity

The General Election of 1983 is famous today because of it being an electoral low-point for the Labour Party and the event that sowed the seeds of the New Labour reforms...

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General Election 1983 - Introduction

This study note explores key features of the roll of the media in the 1997 General Election.

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General Election 1997 - Role of the Media

Let's explore key aspects of gender, age, ethnicity and region in so far as they relate to the General Election of 1997.

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General Election 1997 - Gender, Age, Ethnicity and Region

Let's look in this study note at some key aspects of social class and partisanship as they relate to the 1997 General Election.

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General Election 1997 - Social Class and Partisanship

In this study note we explore aspects of party leadership, image and policy in relation to the Labour Party's campaign in the 1997 General Election.

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General Election 1997 - Leadership, Image and Policy: the Labour Party Campaign

John Major became Prime Minister in 1990, following the departure of Margaret Thatcher and a bigger contrast with his predecessor it would be hard to find. However, he had led his...

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General Election 1997 - Leadership, Image and Policy: the Conservative Party Campaign

The General Election of 1997 was, what is sometimes referred to as, a change election.

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General Election 1997 - Introduction

Here's a resource that a teacher can run as a 10-15 minute small-team activity or allow students to complete themselves online. 'Double Agent' imagines that you have 3 secret agents.  One...

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Pressure groups - 'Double Agent' activity

Try this fiendishly difficult game of 'Guess Who?'  You will be presented with 5 prominent UK politicians (mostly active at the moment) and can ask 3 questions of each.  From the...

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UK Politicians - "Guess Who?" activity


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