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Another quiet week in UK politics. Here's this week's UK politics quiz.

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A Week Is A Long Time - UK Politics Quiz 16 January 2019

An interesting development for those studying Global Politics is the acquittal by the ICC of the Ivory Coast's former President Gbagbo. The efficacy of the international tribunals in upholding human...

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Global Politics: Verdict on International Justice - ICC acquits Gbagbo

Rosa Luxenburg the communist writer, pacifist and radical inspiration is one of the Key thinkers for Political Ideas Socialism topic -In Germany the 100th anniversary of her murder is being...

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Political Idea: Socialism: Rosa Luxemburg Remembered

Join us for the enrichment CPD event of 2019 for all A Level Politics teachers. An opportunity to sit back, relax and reinvigorate your subject expertise and passion. Not to be...

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Politics Teacher National Conference 2019

Recumbent under the family oak tree the mysterious IS, was struck by an acorn, and then pondered on the laws of science, gravity already a given but he then reflected...

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Brexit: Referendums - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?

Here are updated details on the Democracy Index, compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit which looks at electoral processes, political participation and culture and the quality of government.

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How democratic is your country?

Here is the excellent 2018 overview of the salient British politics and policy research from the London School of Economics. Lots of contemporary research for ambitious students and their teachers to...

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Method to madness: political science in 2018
24th December 2018

Brexit Body Language Dissected

This festive video from Sky News looks at the body language of many of the key players in the tortured Brexit negotiations.

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Brexit Body Language Dissected

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For a decade, Paddy Ashdown was a charismatic leader of the Liberal Democrats helping to lift his party from the electoral doldrums and significantly expanding their parliamentary representation. Under his...

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Ex-Lib Dem leader Paddy Ashdown dies

The Fixed Term Parliament Act was passed to give stability to the post 2010 coalition government so that it might stay the course. However, it now seems to have outlived the...

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The Fixed Term Parliament Act - Has it outlived its purpose?
14th December 2018

A Big, Bad Day in UK Politics

Wednesday's memorable vote on Theresa May's leadership of the Conservative Party, although a hollow victory of sorts for her, has thrown up even more questions.

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A Big, Bad Day in UK Politics

Here is an absolute treasure-trove of electoral data for the UK over the last century in a superb document produced by the House of Commons Library. There is a spreadsheet...

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UK Election Statistics: 1918-2018

Here's this week's UK politics quiz. I'll admit, we may need another quiz covering the next 24 hours tomorrow!

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A Week Is A Long Time - UK Politics Quiz 12 December 2018

This new Brexit Vote interactive simulator from the Guardian allows you to play with the different permutations of for/against based on the variety of tribes in the Commons. Few...

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Brexit Vote interactive simulator

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