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An independent Wales. Really?

Mike McCartney

26th April 2021

Good article on the topic, with some stunning opinion poll data on the future of the principality.

This comes from the Observer this weekend:

"As the United Kingdom charts an unsteady course through the fallout from Covid, Brexit and renewed calls for a Scottish IndyRef2, devolved and local elections next month will offer vital clues to the direction of travel. Wales’s journey may yet turn out to be the most surprising one of all.

In March, one poll put support for Welsh independence at a record level of 39% – on a par with Scotland’s yes campaign before the 2014 referendum. A mere six years ago, backing for the idea stood as low as 3%.

Support among the 18-24s has nudged 60%, with more than 80% in favour of far greater devolution to the Welsh Senedd. Before Covid struck, a trio of Yes Cymru marches in Cardiff, Caernarfon and Merthyr – modelled on the 2014 Yes Scotland campaign – attracted much larger crowds than expected."

These figures are quite stunning, no?

For a bit more background on the topic, here is a recent post linking to a great video on the topic of the potential break up of Britain:

And here is one outlining the pros and cons of devolution:

You can read the full article from the weekend's paper here:

Mike McCartney

Mike is an experienced A-Level Politics teacher, author and examiner.

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