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GE24: the Farage effect

Mike McCartney

2nd July 2024

Nice clip from the Radio Times on how the Tories could be affected by the Reform Party

Related questions:

1. How is the Conservative Party predicted to perform in the upcoming general election, and what historical comparison is made?

2. What impact has Nigel Farage's return to frontline politics had on the Conservative Party according to recent polling data?

3. Why has Nigel Farage's popularity caused a divide within the Conservative Party, and how are party members reacting to his resurgence?

4. What concerns have arisen regarding potential defections from the Conservative Party to Reform UK, and what do recent data suggest about voter intentions?

5. Who makes up the majority of voters that have abandoned the Conservatives for Reform UK, and what role does Brexit play in this shift?

6. What key policy areas is Reform UK focusing on, and how do they differ from the current government's stance?

7. How has Nigel Farage addressed the issue of funding for Reform UK, and what fundraising success has the party achieved compared to the Tories?

Correct answers:

1. The Conservative Party is projected to face a significant defeat similar to the 1997 election wipeout.

2. Nigel Farage's return to frontline politics has threatened to destroy the Conservative Party, with some polls showing Reform UK neck and neck or even ahead of the Conservatives.

3. Nigel Farage's rising popularity has created an ideological split within the Conservative Party, with differing opinions on whether to embrace him or move away from his policies.

4. Concerns have been raised about potential defections from the Conservative Party to Reform UK, with data suggesting that a significant portion of lost voters may switch sides.

5. Older male Brexit voters make up the largest demographic that has shifted from the Conservatives to Reform UK, influenced by Farage's return to politics.

6. Reform UK aims to stop non-essential migration, leave the European Convention on Human Rights, scrap zero emissions targets, and grant more oil and gas licenses, contrasting with current government policies.

7. Nigel Farage acknowledges the funding challenges faced by Reform UK but highlights their successful fundraising efforts, raising a comparable amount to the Tories in the initial campaign period.

Mike McCartney

Mike is an experienced A-Level Politics teacher, author and examiner.

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