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GCSE Maths (9-1) Grade Booster Revision Workshops for May / June 2017

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2nd February 2017

Bookings are now being taken for our programme of intensive one-day Grade Booster revision workshops for students taking the new GCSE Maths (9-1) in May & June 2017.

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Designed to build confidence in the essential assessment skills and provide a clear focus for students on how to make the most effective use of their remaining revision time for the first GCSE Maths (9-1) exams in May and June 2017. The Workshops are for students aiming for a grade 7 or 8 and for those predicted a grade 6 who might reach a 7, who need an extra push to step-up to the next grade, with the added benefit of helping schools achieve the new progress measures.

The GCSE Maths Grade Booster Workshops combine:

  • Three and a half hours intensive large-group tuition by our experienced GCSE Maths presenter team
  • A workshop booklet containing all the session content, extension activities and other essential revision materials designed for students in the final weeks before their GCSE Maths exams
  • Guidance on how to refine and sharpen exam technique to deliver marginal gains in exam performance

Workshop Dates and Locations

Manchester: 2 MAY 2017: Lowry Outlet Mall, Salford Quays

Programme Details

The day consists of five sessions, starting at 10.30 AM finishing at 3.05 PM. Each session lasts between 40 and 50 minutes:

Session One: Ready Set Go

  • Calculations with fractions
  • Sets, Venn diagrams and conditional probability
  • Frequency tables

Session Two: Power Up!

  • Powers, roots and indices
  • Standard form
  • Linear graphs and simulataneous equations

Session Three: Factors and Formulae

  • Substitution into formulae
  • Quadratics
  • Rearranging formulae

Session Four: Shape Up!

  • Pythagoras’ and trigonometry
  • Congruence and similarity
  • Vectors

Session Five: No problem – get on and revise!

  • Problem solving
  • Revision advice
  • Exam techniques

To book places on these workshops, please email

tutor2u Maths

​The tutor2u Maths team comprise experienced GCSE and A Level Maths teachers and examiners with wide experience of all the main exam boards.

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