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Teaching PowerPoints Macroeconomic Indicators (AQA A-Level Economics Teaching PowerPoint)


Last updated 12 Aug 2023

This is a simple, editable powerpoint covering a range of key macroeconomic indicators for the UK.

Measuring the macroeconomic performance of a country over time involves assessing various economic indicators that provide insights into the overall health and growth of the economy.

These indicators help policymakers, economists, and investors understand trends, identify potential issues, and formulate appropriate policies

The relative importance attached to each indicator can and does change over time.

These macroeconomic indicators include:

  • Growth of real GDP (national output)
  • Real GDP per capita
  • Annual rate of consumer price inflation
  • Unemployment rate (% of the labour force)
  • Balance of trade in goods and services
  • Government borrowing and national debt
  • Monetary policy interest rates
  • Labour productivity (GDP per person employed)

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