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Here is a selection of important and topical labour market issues which emphasise how important the labour market as a synoptic topic in A level economics.

Micro and macroeconomic impact of changes in UK labour migration - more here

Gender pay gap / low female labour market participation as growth barrier - more here

Should there be caps - should there be statutory ceilings on executive pay? - more here

Economics of a national living wage / higher minimum wage - more here

Trade unions and their micro-macro impact on the economy - more here

The rise of the Gig Economy – evaluating the effects on UK & other nations - more here

Monopsony power and low real wage growth (causes and effects) - more here

Automation / robotics and the future pattern/level of employment - more here

Economic inactivity & “hidden” unemployment including under-employment - more here

Can the UK reach full-employment? (Changing Phillips Curve relationship) - more here


Larry Elliott appears not to be a fan of the gig economy: he argues herethat it exploits workers and has increased in-work poverty. There's little to disprove this hypothesis, at present. I'm afraid that I don't buy the narrative that the majority of people on zero-hours contracts are grateful for this.  (Graham Watson)

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