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This remarkable clip from the World Bank looks at how the group has acted in concert with the government of Bangladesh to build resilience among the displaced Rohingya refugees who've...

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Economics of aid - Improving Service & Basic Infrastructure for the Rohingya community in Bangladesh

Instead of looking at traditional renewable energy sources - this clip looks at higher tech clean solutions to the global need for green energy, such as fusion, carbon capture and...

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COP26 - High-tech climate solutions that could cut emissions

This BBC clip balances the need for economic development in India and balancing this with environmental imperatives.

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COP26 - How can India tackle its climate challenge?

80 per cent of Poland's energy comes from burning coal and 20 per cent comes from one giant coal plant (Bełchatów)the scale of which is incredible to see.

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COP26 - The race to phase out Europe’s biggest coal-fired power plant

This is a fascinating readon the leadership challenges of reinventing a traditional industry - doorstep deliveries for milk.

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Contestable Markets - The Return of Doorstep Milk Deliveries

This Economist clip looks at the perennial issue of climate change in the run up to COP26, touching upon a broad range of issues.

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Climate Change Economics - Who should fix climate change?

This BBC news video looks at problems with the global supply chain - and identifies the factors that have contributing to them.

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Supply Chain Problems - Update on the UK and Global Economy

This BBC clip looks at whether or not there's a significant role for green energy to play in powering Africa's future.

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Sustainable Development - Can green energy power Africa's future?

This is a lovely example of what is meant by the term 'under-employment' and illustrates exactly what this implies for an economy.

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Underemployment - Japan's army of under-employed ex-housewives


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