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Renewable Energy - Why Wind Turbines Blades Are So Hard to Recycle

Graham Watson

12th December 2021

This Business Insider clip highlights the fact that there's an odd state of affairs in the renewable energy market.

Ordinarily, the environmental impact of wind turbines is seen as a good thing; however, recycling wind turbine blades is extraordinarily difficult and costly. Many end up in landfill.

One of those situations where you need to be aware of net effects, albeit in this case, the net effect is still positive. A related term here is that is mixed externalities.

What is the best way to handle the recycling or wind turbine blades?

Renewable Energy - Why Wind Turbines Blades Are So Hard to Recycle

Graham Watson

Graham Watson has taught Economics for over twenty years. He contributes to tutor2u, reads voraciously and is interested in all aspects of Teaching and Learning.

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