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Preparing for Paper 2 Macroeconomics (June 2018)

Geoff Riley

10th June 2018

Here are some suggested key topics to revise ahead of the June 2018 macroeconomics paper.

Our macroeconomic playlist on YouTube can be found here

The State of the UK Economy

Revision notes here - see also the revision webinar video

What is secular stagnation?

Productivity growth in the UK

The Output Gap

Economics of Globalisation

Video of revision webinar can be found here

Globalisation and inequality revision essay plan

Core revision notes on all aspects of this topic can be found here

UK Balance of Payments

Economics of a current account deficit:

Revision video on policies to reduce a trade / current account deficit

Significance of Current Account Deficits (Balance of Payments)

Revision webinar on the balance of payments

Core revision notes on all aspects of this topic can be found here

Exchange rates

Core revision notes on exchange rates

Fixed and floating exchange rates

Intervention in currency markets

Currency Depreciation (Micro and Macro Impact and Evaluation)

Terms of trade

Trade and Protectionism

Hugely topical issues here

Tariff on Chinese Steel (Revision Essay Plan)

25 Mark Essay Technique - US Tariffs on Mexico

Lots of study notes available here

Economics of Brexit

Economics of Brexit (Revision Webinar)

Economics of customs unions

Economic Development Case Studies and Updates

Development barriers

25 Mark Essay Technique - Economic Growth in Developing Countries

Case study: Growth and Development in Vietnam

Case study: Growth and Development in Ethiopia

Case study: Growth and Development in India

Overseas aid and development

Tourism and economic development

Primary product dependence

Core notes on development economics

Monetary Policy

Monetary Policy in the UK (Revision Webinar Video)

Quantitative easing (Revision Webinar Video)

Core revision notes on all aspects of this topic can be found here

Fiscal Policy

Fiscal policy update for the UK economy (2018)

Economics of fiscal austerity

Economics of crowding out

Cyclical and structural budget deficits

Core revision notes on fiscal policy

Supply-side Policies and Competitiveness

Monetary and Supply-Side Policies and Competitiveness (Essay Technique Video)

Ageing population

Economic Importance of Infrastructure


Unemployment and Inflation

Unemployment in the UK (Economics Revision Update May 2018)

Phillips Curve (Revision Update 2018)

Economic inactivity

Policies to reduce unemployment

Economics of Labour Migration

Labour Migration (A Level Economics Synoptic Essay Plan)

Financial Markets

Causes of Financial Crises

Financial Economics: Risks to Financial Stability in the UK Economy

Financial Economics: Update on UK Financial Regulation in 2018

Financial stability in the UK economy

Financial Market Failure (Revision Essay Plan)

Explaining bond prices and bond yields

Core notes on financial economics

Standard of Living and Economic Well-being

Measuring the Standard of Living (Essay Technique Video)

Economic well-being

Benefits and costs of economic growth

Here is a short but focused update on the UK economy to help provide context for A level Economics students ahead of their macro papers in June 2018.

Ten Minute Update on the UK Economy for A Level Economics in 2018

Geoff Riley

Geoff Riley FRSA has been teaching Economics for over thirty years. He has over twenty years experience as Head of Economics at leading schools. He writes extensively and is a contributor and presenter on CPD conferences in the UK and overseas.

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