Externalities - Turning the Tide on Waste

Graham Watson

15th December 2020

Here are two news videos looking at innovation is helping to turn the tide on the negative externalities created by waste.

Turkey has stolen a march on other nations, by turning old tires into electricity, reusing a resource, and reducing its imports of oil, for example. The plant in question uses 20,000 tonnes of tyres each year.

However, there are concerns that burning the tyres can also release other gases into the atmosphere.

Another clip that looks at an environmental issue: waste plastic. This Bloomberg clip looks at some of the advances being made in tackling the issue of plastic pollution.

Plastics are in the food we eat and the water we drink - however, how might w be able to overcome this. Scientist have discovered plastic-eating bacteria that might play a major role in helping to resolve the problem.

Graham Watson

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