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Topic updates

Development Economics - Building Environmental Resilience

Graham Watson

15th December 2021

Here are a couple of video clips looking at how low and middle income countries can build resilience in the face of severe environmental pressures.

This clip looks again at resilience and sustainability, celebrating the role of the International Development Association, which is the World Bank’s fund for 74 of the poorest countries.

It has helped pivot World Bank activity towards sub-Saharan Africa and provided a particularly necessary source of funding during the COVID pandemic.

IDA for Africa: Helping the Most Vulnerable Countries for a More Sustainable and Resilient Future

Extreme weather events are a feature of developing economies, and as a result a threat to development because of the disruption they cause. This World Bank clip looks at the establishment of The Central Asian Flood Early Warning System (CAFEWS) in the hope of making the region's economies more resilient.

Forecasting Risk: How the Central Asian Flood Early Warning System Will Protect the Region

Graham Watson

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