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Extended Marketing Mix (7p's)

The Extended Marketing Mix, also known as the 7Ps, builds upon the original 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) by adding three additional elements:

1. People: This refers to all the human actors involved in your marketing strategy, including your employees, sales team, customer service representatives, and even the customers themselves. It emphasizes the importance of creating a positive customer experience through excellent service and well-trained personnel.

2. Processes: This encompasses the systems and procedures your company uses to deliver its products or services. Smooth, efficient processes lead to quicker delivery, fewer errors, and a more streamlined customer journey.

3. Physical Evidence: This refers to the tangible elements that customers experience during their interaction with your brand. This can include packaging, receipts, invoices, your office or store environment, and the overall presentation of your product or service. It contributes to the customer's perception of your brand's quality and professionalism.

Here's a breakdown of each element along with their significance:

Original 4Ps:

  • Product: The actual good or service being offered. This includes its features, benefits, quality, design, and branding.
  • Price: The monetary value assigned to the product or service. Pricing strategies and discounts should be considered.
  • Place: Where and how the product or service is made available to customers. This includes distribution channels, retail locations, and online presence.
  • Promotion: Activities and communication channels used to inform and persuade customers about the product or service. This includes advertising, public relations, social media, and sales promotions.

Extended 3Ps:

  • People: The quality of interactions customers have with your employees can significantly impact their brand perception and loyalty.
  • Processes: Efficient processes create a positive customer experience by ensuring timely delivery, minimal errors, and clear communication.
  • Physical Evidence: Tangible elements like packaging, receipts, and store environment communicate professionalism and reinforce brand image.

Remember, the 7Ps work together to create a cohesive marketing strategy. By considering all seven elements, businesses can develop a more comprehensive and effective approach to reaching their target audience and achieving their marketing goals.

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