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Research Suggests Wearables Market Set for UK Takeoff?

Are you one of the 6%? That's the 6% of UK adults who already own a "wearable" digital device such as a smartwatch or fitness device.

Perhaps you are one of the early-adopters of wearable technology, but have lapsed into the 25% of customers (including me) whose wearable device is now sat unused on a window-sill or in a kitchen drawer or cupboard?

However, all is not lost for makers of wearable technology.

A new market research report (referenced here in Marketing Magazine) suggests that there is a significant segment of potential buyers who are about to splash out on their first wearable device.

The research estimates that around three million UK adults are planning to buy their first wearable tech device in the next six months. Presumably most of that demand will be concentrated around the crucial Christmas selling period. Expect lots of neat, small presents under the tree this year.

The article suggests that one reason for the relatively slow adoption of wearables so far is that the devices developed thus far have targeted niche segments - such as fitness tracking. It goes on to suggest that:

"It is increasingly apparent that the wearables industry needs to use marketing and create user cases to help increase penetration."

So what are these "new user cases" that will encourage us all to load up with wearable technology?

It would make a great lesson activity to ask students if they can come up with a new use of wearable tech - and how it might be effectively marketed.

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