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IKEA to sell replacement parts to distance itself from 'disposable' image

Ollie Gardner

26th January 2021

The Swedish furniture retailer has announced that it is planning to sell replacement parts for its goods, helping to increase the lifespan of its products.

This move will help IKEA improve its image as a sustainable manufacturer and will support its aim to become a 'climate positive' business by 2030.

Even though managers believe that this new policy will not damage the sale of new furniture dramatically, they are clearly willing to sacrifice some short-term sales in order to promote their CSR objectives and win the favour of sustainability-minded consumers.

Try and apply this example to Carroll's CSR pyramid - which category of the pyramid do you think this announcement fits best? The video below gives an overview of Carroll's framework.

Ollie Gardner

Ollie is a new economics teacher at an academically selective school having previously worked in the healthcare technology industry.

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