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CSR & Ethics: Apple and the EU Battle Over Tax Avoidance

Jim Riley

3rd September 2016

A huge story this one with far-reaching implications for multinationals. I highly recommend that students follow this over the coming weeks and months - it is likely to be hugely useful in exams next summer.

The European Commission has hit Apple with a record-breaking tax penalty of up to €13bn (+ interest) after finding that Apple enjoyed a quarter of a century of illegal state support from Ireland that distorted competition in Europe and enabled it to pay much lower corporation taxes.

Apple has rejected the penalty as has the Irish Government who don't want the tax and will appeal against the ruling.

Some videos below help introduce and explain the background and reaction to this story.

EU action over Apple tax explained | FT Business
Irish cabinet sides with Apple over tax
EU Orders Ireland To Recover $14.5B In Taxes From Apple | Tech Bet | CNBC

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