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GCSE & IGCSE Business Studies Revision Notes - Master Listing

Jim Riley

1st April 2013

We've been busy extending and updating our collection of online study notes designed to support core topics for GCSE & IGCSE Business Studies. We've still got some more to add and we'll update this blog entry with the latest study notes as soon as they are available. Please bookmark this blog entry and share the link with your colleagues and students.

GCSE & IGCSE Business Studies - Online Revision Notes from tutor2u

Enterprise and Entrepreneurs
What is enterprise?Objectives of a business startup
Qualities of an entrepreneurSources of new business ideas
Risks and rewards of enterpriseCreative thinking by entrepreneurs
Planning a startupContents of a startup business plan
Franchising for startupsSocial enterprise
Adding valueBeating the competition as a new business
Business Organisation & Objectives
Aims and objectives of businessStarting a business
Departments in a businessFinancing a new business
Growing a businessSole traders
PartnershipsLimited companies
Span of controlStakeholders and ethics

The External Environment

Introduction to the external environmentEconomic sectors
The Business / Economic cycleBusiness and globalisation
Government spendingGovernment taxation
Exchange ratesInterest rates - introduction
Interest rates & businessBusiness & the Environment
Labour market and unemploymentBusiness and the law
Business and technologyBusiness ethics - introduction
Business ethics in practiceEurope and business
What is marketing ?Kinds of market
Marketing orientationMarket segmentation - introduction
Marketing's role in businessMarket segments
Market mappingUnderstanding customers
Marketing strategy - introductionThe marketing mix
How products are distributedMarketing online - E-commerce
Distribution channelsDistribution intermediaries
Personal selling
Introduction to productsBrands
Product life cycleProduct portfolio - the Boston Matrix
Product differentiation & USPsSWOT analysis & marketing
Promotion - introduction & overview
Promotion - advertisingPromotion - direct marketing
Promotion - sales promotionPublic relations and sponsorship
Marketing research - introduction
Marketing research - questionnairesMarketing research - primary research
Quantitative & qualitative market research
Pricing - introductionPricing strategies
Pricing objectives
Introduction to financeWhy businesses need finance
Startups - finance considerationsStartups - Personal sources of entrepreneurs
Startup - cash flow problemsCauses of cash flow problems
Handling a cash flow problem
Understanding demandUnderstanding business revenues
Introduction to cash flowThe cash flow forecast
Estimating revenues
What is profit?How is profit used by a business?
How a business handles a loss
Business costs - overview
Breakeven<Breakeven and contribution
Analysing financial performance
Balance sheetProfit and Loss account
Sources of financeBank loans and overdrafts
Shares as a source of financeOther external sources of finance
DepreciationWhy businesses need credit
Managing People in a Business
Communication in a businessEffective communication
Communication barriersManagement styles
Employee representationFunctions in a business
Organisation structures and chartsSpan of control
Motivating employees - introductionMotivation - financial rewards
Methods of payStaff retention
Motivation - non financial rewardsMotivation - main theories
Recruitment - introductionRecruitment - methods
Recruitment - interviewsRecruitment - job applications
Recruitment - workforce planningAppraisal
Groups at work - trade unionsHandling industrial disputes
Training - introductionTraining - types of training
Employment legislation
Production and Operations
Choosing a business locationStages of production
Economies of scaleDiseconomies of scale
Production efficiencyImproving business efficiency
The production processFlow production method
Job production methodBatch production method
Lean production - introductionLean production - methods
Quality - introductionQuality management - methods
Stock control

Jim Riley

Jim co-founded tutor2u alongside his twin brother Geoff! Jim is a well-known Business writer and presenter as well as being one of the UK's leading educational technology entrepreneurs.

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