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Dragons Invest in Dementia Debit Card: A-Level Business In The News

Mike Mills

12th March 2024

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What's the story?

Jayne Sibley, from Winchester, created Sibstar while caring for her parents, who were both diagnosed with the disease.

Dragons' Den investors, Sara Davies and Deborah Meaden backed the business and said it could "transform lives". Ms Sibley recently appeared on the BBC show with her business partner Martin Orton and said it was a "hugely emotional experience" as she had to talk about "difficult times" caring for her parents. She said when her late mother, June, was living with dementia, handling everyday money became difficult.

Sibstar means a person with dementia has access to a debit card, which is pre-loaded with funds and a caregiver or loved one is then able to manage the money through a phone app.

Ms Sibley added: "You can manage how and where that money is used. So, you can set monthly spending limits, daily spending limits, you can set how much can be taken out of the cashpoint."

Deborah Meaden and Sara Davies both offered £62,500 on the show, each with a 5% share of the business. Ms Davies added: "I think many families out there are going to be extremely grateful to Jayne for addressing a common challenge for people with dementia, and I'm excited to offer the benefit of my experience to help those affected live independently for longer."

Ms Sibley said that since the Dragons' Den episode aired, enquiries into the business have increased. She said: "Our social media following has doubled overnight and our enquiries have gone up by about 1,000%, huge impact it's an incredible opportunity."

Dragons invest in dementia debit card

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