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Here's this week's Economics News Quiz. 6 multi-choice questions based upon the world of Economics. Nice 5 minute starter for next week or Bell Work exercise as students arrive at your class.

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This week's Economics News Quiz
20th January 2017

Digital cartels

A superb stretching article at the FT on how technology is creating cartels :Price-setting algorithms mean regulators must now tackle collusion among machines. Algorithms are enabling price collusion without leaving...

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Digital cartels

Jim O'Neill wins today's award for money-for-old rope with an article that defends globalisation. The only way that this differs from a good student defending the issue, is that by...

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Jim O'Neill defends Globalisation

More creative destruction here: Will self-driving trucks replace the need for truck drivers, and what are the implications of this? Automated trucks won't require statutory rest breaks, for example. But...

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Self-Driving Trucks and Creative Destruction

Here’s a fun and not too frivolous resource aimed at provoking discussion and debate about the Brexit negotiation process. It combines the concept behind the popular day-time TV show ...

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Play 'Brexit - Deal or No Deal'!

A bookseller in the Yorkshire Dales was in the headlines last week. He called a customer a “pain in the arse”, and has been the subject of numerous complaints to...

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The Economics of Charging to use a Book Store!

Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen is interviewed by Ian King on Sky Business News

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Amartya Sen on Trump, Protectionism and Brexit

"Pursuing protectionism is just like locking oneself in a dark room. While wind and rain may be kept outside, so are light and air. No-one will emerge as a winner...

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Is China now leading the free world?

The era of the mega-merger is well and truly here: BAT and Reynolds, tobacco giants, have agreed to merge with the former subsuming the latter.

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Mega Merger in the Cigarette Industry

With a hard Brexit strategy becoming more likely by the day, this is a rather good summary of the likely effects of leaving the EU customs union from the economics...

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Economics of leaving a Customs Union

Oxfam have updated their list and comparison of the world's super-rich showing that the top 8 wealthiest people own the same wealth as the poorest half of the world's population. You...

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8 billionaires own the same wealth as the poorest half of the world's population - does it matter?

Are zombie firms crowding out investment and holding back productivity growth? This article from the Economist draws on a new research report from the OECD.

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Zombie firms and weak productivity growth

There has been a significant increase in the size of public sector debt in many advanced countries since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) engulfed nations in the autumn of 2007. But...

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Government debt and the interest burden

Deregulation is on the way in the water sector, with the market seemingly moving towards an electricity-style market where consumer are no longer bound by geographic considerations.

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Water deregulation - good news for customers?

Perhaps this will be the defining difference in 2017 and beyond - it will certainly accelerate changes in the global centre of gravity!

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Inward and Outward Thinking in 2017

Here is a terrific photo to use when teaching the non-excludable and non-rival aspects of flood protection from the Thames Barrier. The tidal surge down the east coast was a...

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Thames Barrier - A Pure Public Good in Action!

Here's this week's (w/e 13 Jan 17) 6-question Economics news quiz with multi-choice answers. Along with the usual Powerpoint and paper-based version of the activity, this week we've included a version...

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This week's Economics News quiz with special 'Penalty Shootout' version

Any student keeping abreast of economic news this week would see that inequality of income has cropped up quite often. President Obama said it was an issue for the US...

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Who cares more about inequality of income - the US or Norway?

The issue of ticket touting has been in the news recently. However, the story here is not the fact that these tickets have appeared on secondary ticket sites but that...

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Is Robbie Williams price gouging on resale tickets?

On Tuesday's Today programme, Jeremy Corbyn suggested that introducing "maximum pay" would be an effective way of reducing inequality and tackling the issue of overly-high pay in the boardroom (see...

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Could a national maximum wage work?

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