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What is stop and search and what are my rights?

Sarah Best

25th August 2020

This article from BBC News describes the stop and search powers by police.

Stop and search powers (in England and Wales) are allowed to be used by the police if they suspect a person is carrying:

  • Illegal drugs
  • A weapon
  • Stolen property
  • An item that could be used to commit a crime

Police officers must have 'reasonable grounds' to carry out a stop and search, and they are not permitted based on gender, race or if someone has a previous criminal record. In 2019, there were 380,000 stop and searches carried out.

This article could be used for the Crime and Deviance unit (e.g., police, labelling theory, crime prevention).

Sarah Best

Sarah is a passionate full-time Head of Sociology and Psychology and has worked in a variety in schools in the UK, and she is currently working in a British international school. She is keen to develop and boost the profile of both subjects.

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