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Sarah Best

19th January 2018

The Golden Globes ceremony in the US celebrates the stars of television and film from the past 12 months and this year, rather than the stars taking centre stage, activism was the talking point.

The following link is the video of a powerful speech given by Oprah Winfrey for the Cecil B. de Mille award where she highlights the issues of race and gender

Since the accusations of sexual harassment and assault aimed at Harvey Weinstein and other powerful figures in the media and politics. The #TimesUp campaign aims to give people (women in particular) a platform to voice their own stories and provide financial assistance to those who need it. 

The video and accompanying articles (of which there are many available on the internet) could be used to discuss a number of areas within sociology, including: Culture and Identity, The dark figure of crime, feminism, crime prevention and victimisation for instance. 

Sarah Best

Sarah is a passionate full-time Head of Sociology and Psychology and has worked in a variety in schools in the UK, and she is currently working in a British international school. She is keen to develop and boost the profile of both subjects.

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