The 'Extreme' Left

Sarah Best

16th November 2017

In recent months there have been a number of reports in the media of the rise of the far right. The terms 'white supremacists' and 'alt-right' may come to mind as well as the events in Charlottesville, USA where a 'Unite the Right' protest led to condemnation from many around the world.

There is another side to this however, and there are also hard-left factions who are opposed to some of the messages of the far right. 

The following video explores the The Black Bloc, an anti-facist movement in the USA and could be used to explore the distinctions between right and left wing politics and current events. Further discussion could include the power of identity and what political events around the world may have led to a resurgence in some views.

Warning: The video does contain images of violence and bad language. 

Sarah Best

Sarah is a passionate full-time Head of Sociology and Psychology and has worked in a variety in schools in the UK, and she is currently working in a British international school. She is keen to develop and boost the profile of both subjects.

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