Proud to be a Modern Man

Adam Walton

1st November 2017

ATTN journalist and activist Nev Schulman has been in the press for fair number of issues happening within the United States of late. He tweeted this incredible video which allowed of the idea of gender stereotypes to be addressed within the family.

He speaks about how his involvement within his daughter’s life has a great impact on her development but also helps his relationship with his wife.

This would be a great video to play when discussing conjugal roles. Specifically, about the benefits of integrated conjugal roles, whereby, roles are shared and it is more of an equal marriage. 

Adam Walton

Adam is an energetic, enthusiastic and passionate teacher of Sociology and Psychology at a Grammar School in Kent. He is a creative teacher who loves creating innovative ways to teach Sociology and Psychology (often through dance). He is also the Head of PSHE and Citizenship

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