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How Can We Achieve Black Equality?

Katie Tyler

1st November 2022

A panel of experts in the Guardian, including Lenny Henry and Diane Abbott, suggest answers to this question.

Sociology is about asking questions and exploring social change. Despite changes in the law and the introduction of the Equality Act 2010, ethnic inequality in the UK clearly still exists. Sociology students will explore evidence of this in crime, education, stratification and health. When sociology students ask how we can achieve equality, this Guardian article can point them towards some useful answers.

Dr Kojo Koram suggests we need to reform the laws surrounding drugs in the UK which disproportionality criminalise young black males. Lola Okolosie highlights the need for a truly diverse education curriculum which reflects black and minority groups in the UK. Ruth Honegan states that society needs to acknowledge and respond to the published race reports, thus creating change.

There are a variety of sociological links in this article, including crime, stratification, education, media, health, culture and identity, which demonstrates how embedded sociology is into contemporary society. Students could even research a couple of the panellists to explore their work further, so they can understand the extent of inequality and how this could be changed in the UK today.

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