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Competition: Specification Solutions


Last updated 28 Jul 2023

Competition time! Share your best ideas and be included in the winter issue of our Psychology Update magazine.

Below are some areas from the AQA A-Level Psychology specification that students often struggle with. We are asking you to tell us what has worked for you during lessons or revision, to help you understand two of the areas.

  1. Time and Event Sampling (Research Methods)
  2. Role of the Father (Attachment)
  3. Social Change (Social Influence)
  4. Biological explanations of OCD (Psychopathology)
  5. Origins of Psychology as a Science (Approaches)
  6. Hemispheric Lateralisation of the Brain (Biopsychology)
  7. Choosing statistical tests (Research Methods)
  8. Socially Sensitive Research (Issues and Debates)
  9. Interference Theory of Forgetting (Memory)
  10. Improving reliability and validity (Research Methods)

The competition is open to all students and teachers of AQA A-Level Psychology. The deadline for submissions is 31st October 2023.

Download the handout below for full details on how to submit your entries.

Download the competition handout

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