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This new article from Psychology Today caught our eye as a useful resource for students getting stuck into the psychology of addiction.

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6 major risk factors for addiction

Here's a look at which tutor2u Psychology study notes were popular last month. Print/bookmark/share away!

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Top 50 Popular Psychology Study Notes in December 2017

I picked this up via Dan Ariely's twitter feed and I thought it might be of interest for Psychology students and teachers. However, only eleven of the fifty chosen are...

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50 Most Influential Living Psychologists

Are you revising at the moment for your mock exams? In this collection, you will find all our issues and debates resources to help you with your A Level studies.

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Psychology Issues and Debates - Two Landing Pages for your Revision

Our collections of key topics for A level Psychology are a great place to start when bringing resources together for your revision.

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Psychology Key Revision Topic Collections

These key study summaries provide a comprehensive outline of psychological research required for A-Level and IB Psychology.

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Psychology Key Studies Summary
27th December 2017

The Dancing Illusion

Here is a great illusion! Start by looking at the dancer on the left and then switch your gaze to the dancer on the right. What do you see?

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The Dancing Illusion

Here is the tutor2u Psychology Christmas game for 2017! We've started with a Festive Trivia version - we'll soon add a version with some Psychology questions too!

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Psychology Christmas Lesson Activities for 2017

A cracking wall display showcasing the Top 20 Psychology Degrees has taken the AQA A Level Psychology Teacher Facebook Group by storm and here's how you can get your hands on...

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The Top 20 Psychology Degrees Wall Display

Consciously or subconsciously, how we present ourselves impacts the perception of others on us, which can determine our success or failure.

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If it's good enough for Silicon Valley, then surely it’s good enough for the classroom?

A quick heads up to new data on the countries with the most psychiatrists.

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European Countries With The Most Psychiatrists

A new series of teacher CPD webinars for Psychology is about to start, with the first webinar taking place on Wednesday 11th October.

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Book Now: Psychology Teacher Webinars Start This Week

In order to make marking easier and help students, and Ofsted, understand their feedback, Carrie-Anne has created an effective tool for providing feedback that has the potential to save hours...

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Psychology ‘Feedback Impact’ Marking Grids

The discussion around textbooks comes up a lot on the AQA A Level Psychology Teacher Community on Facebook, and I while my opinions are obviously biased, having authored the two...

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Which A Level Psychology Textbook Should I Buy?

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We've just flicked the switch on moving all our digital resources to instant digital download - via our new subject stores.

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