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This resource provides a series of activities which help introduce students to their AQA A-Level Psychology course.

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Teaching Activities: Introduction to AQA A-Level Psychology

Here are 12 Powerpoint questions in various formats that can be used to test understanding of the 'Research Methods' topic for IB Psychology.

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Teaching Activity : Research Methods

Use this interactive PowerPoint-based activity to assess students higher order thinking skills about different topics. Students can discuss their answers, debate, or compete against each other! There are lots of...

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Teaching Activity: Great Debate - Biological Approach vs Social Learning Theory

This activity provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of research methods terms and to compete!

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Teaching Activity: Toss'n Term (A-Level Psychology Research Methods)

This activity is a great way to encourage Psychology students to think about the world, cultural differences and to build on their synoptic skills.

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Teaching Activity: Where in the World?

Make the other departments jealous with this fantastic series of engaging activities for prospective Psychology students!

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Open Night Activities for BTEC Applied Psychology

Here's a cracking group activity that is a great way to finish your course with Year 13s or as a team-building activity for Year 12s!

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Teaching Activity: tutor2u A-Level Psychology Escape Room

Formative Fortunes is an engaging, kinaesthetic teaching activity which randomises the type and nature of assessment that students must fulfil within a topic/paper.

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Teaching Activity: Formative Fortunes | Assessment Skills

Here are some marking grids which are designed to help AQA A-Level psychology teachers provide more effective feedback to their students.

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Teacher and Peer Marking Grids for AQA A-Level Psychology

The purpose of this resource is for students to work together to problem solve and to access their higher order thinking skills to make synoptic connections within topics.

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Teaching Activity: Links of Learning | Building Synoptic Understanding

This activity presents students with existing and emerging research in the field of science and psychology and encourages to consider this research in the context of issues and debates.

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Teaching Activity: What's the Big Issue? | Issues and Debates

This activity is aimed at developing students justifications and critical thinking about research methods, ranging from methods to data analysis techniques.

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Teaching Activity: Mix a Method | Research Methods

This activity gives students hands on experience of gathering samples of participants (the villagers) to take part in research.

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Teaching Activity: Village People | Research Methods

It's here! The traditional annual tutor2u AQA A-Level Psychology Christmas Lesson Quiz pack has arrived! Download the pack of PowerPoint quizzes, launch one on screen and put a little...

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AQA A-Level Psychology Christmas Lesson Quiz Pack for 2020

This is a simple game which can be used to introduce the concepts of reliability and validity.

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Teaching Activity: Reliably Valid Bullseye | Research Methods

This is a tutor2u Psychology classic and a really fun lesson that requires minimal teacher input. All that is required is the handout provided and a bag of Skittles!

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Teaching Activity: Sampling with Skittles | Research Methods

This activity is a fantastic revision tool for testing the ability of students to apply the approaches.

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Teaching Activity: Best & The Rest (Approaches)

This activity is designed to help students remember the mediational processes involved in social learning theory and it also helps them think about applying them to a behaviour.

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Teaching Activity: I Want to be Mummy (Social Learning Theory)


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