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Devolution in Wales

The movement for devolution in Wales gained momentum in the late 20th century, with the establishment of the Welsh Assembly in 1999 as part of the UK's wider devolution process.

  • Powers: The Welsh Parliament, also known as the Senedd Cymru, has powers over a range of policy areas, including health, education, transport, and culture.
  • Elections: The Welsh Parliament is elected through a mixed-member proportional representation system, and the Welsh Labour Party has been the largest party since its establishment.
  • Language: The Welsh language is an important aspect of Welsh identity, and the Welsh Parliament has supported policies to promote and protect the language, including making Welsh an official language of Wales alongside English.
  • Devolved powers: Wales has also gained some fiscal autonomy, with the Welsh Parliament having the power to set some taxes and spend its own budget.
  • Unique identity: Wales has a unique cultural and linguistic identity, and the Welsh Parliament has sought to promote and protect this identity while also working collaboratively with the UK government and other devolved administrations.

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